Policy 92

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Mass or Segmented Texting Policy
Policy #92



Text messaging is an additional method of communication that UW-Parkside utilizes to communicate with the University community. Mass texting is used by authorized university officials to relay important and time sensitive information such as emergency notifications, campus closures, and academic deadlines. Text messaging may also be utilized for targeted messages related to account information, academic advising, registration and financial aid that are time sensitive in nature.

Guiding Principles

  • Preserve texting as an additional channel for critical communications
  • which are of 1) critical importance and time-sensitive; 2) emergency notifications
  • 3) administrative texts (as noted above in background)
  • Keep administrative texts to a minimum: to assure that students remain in the texting program and do not opt-out because of overuse
  • Messages should be directly related to student safety or student success.


This policy applies to all text messages sent by any Authorized University official.

Categories of Messages

Texting is reserved for information which is considered mission-critical and/or time sensitive. The following are the categories of text messages allowed under this policy:

  • Crisis and/or emergency, or significant disruptions to University operations, including activity which poses a threat to public safety
  • Information critical to student success (currently limited to): critical academic calendar dates, academic advising notifications, academic standing notices, financial aid notifications
  • Other mission-critical messages as determined by the Chancellor, Provost, or their designee

General Policy

The Chief of Police or his/her designee will initiate all emergency texts immediately. Other texting as indicated in the scope section of this policy requires approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management or her/his designee.

Adapted from University of Denver SMS Policy


Texting Scope

All texts originating from any University office are included in this procedure.

Text messages should not be used for:

  • General information to large populations
  • Repeat reminders of messages already circulated
  • Personal matters, e.g. items for sale

Text messaging must not be used as the sole means of communicating an essential message or announcement, The text message must be supplemental by some other means of communication (e.g. e-mail, paper notice, social media) to ensure all students receive the information.

Text Approvers

Prior to being sent, the message needs to be approved by:

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management or her/his designee (Admin messages)
Chief of Police or his/her designee (emergency messages)

University officials must assure the text message is:

  • valid
  • the wording is appropriate
  • the circulation list is correct

Procedure for non-emergency text:

  • All texts must be tagged with “UWP:” then the appropriate identifier (e.g. office that originated text or the purpose of the text – e.g. Last Day to Drop Classes)
  • Administrative offices wanting a message sent on behalf of their office must contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management one week in advance with text wording, date to be distributed and the message
  • Messages should be no longer than 160 characters
  • Limit use of abbreviations

All text messaging services or software must be approved by Computer Technology Services (CTS).

Adapted from University of Denver SMS Policy


*Revised: Fall 2013, Fall 2022

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