Policy 96

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Truth in Advertising
Policy #96


96.01 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to the campus community regarding marketing and advertising activities.

The goals of this policy are:

  • To ensure that all members of the campus community understand the university’s commitment to uphold the ethical standards identified by the American Marketing Association1 for marketing and advertising activities.
  • To articulate a commitment to uphold these standards through regular review processes.
  • To provide a mechanism for the campus community to address questions regarding these standards.


96.02 Marketing and Advertising Requirements

University marketing and advertising activities will:

  • Strive to be truthful in all situations and at all times;
  • Avoid using coercion;
  • Represent the university in a clear way in selling, advertising and other forms of communication;
  • Value individual differences and avoid stereotyping customers or depicting demographic groups (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation) in a negative or dehumanizing way;
  • Strive to communicate clearly with all constituencies and accept constructive criticism from customers and other stakeholders.

96.03 Approval

The Vice Chancellor for University Advancement in collaboration with the Executive Director of University Relations will monitor all marketing and advertising activities for adherence to these established requirements. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement.

96.04 Policy Review

The policy will be reviewed annually by the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and Executive Director of University Relations.


*Revised Fall 2022

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