Procedure 88A

Administrative Procedure 88A:
Security Camera Procedures
Issued: 3/21/2013 Reference: Policy 88
Institution Approval:
Chancellor's Cabinet 2/18/2013

Campus Technology Services
Police and Public Safety


Maintained By:
Campus Technology Services
Police and Public Safety

I. Procedures for Use of Security Cameras
The following procedures shall be used by university personnel, departments and colleges in regard to the use of university security cameras on campus property:

1.1 Installation

Individual colleges, departments, programs, personnel, or campus organizations interested in installing security camera equipment shall submit a written request to their appropriate dean or director which contains a description of the proposed location of a security camera(s), a justification for the need of surveillance and/or a security camera, and the identification of the funding source(s) for the purchase and ongoing maintenance of the security camera system. Each individual college, department, program, or campus organization is responsible for all costs associated with hardware, installation, maintenance, and licensing of security camera devices and recording systems.

Upon receipt of the information above, the dean or director will conduct a review of the request and submit a copy to the Chief of Police or his designee along with a recommendation for either approval or denial of such request. The Chief of Police will review the request, consider the recommendations made, and then forward the request and his or his designee’s recommendation to the SCG for its review.

The SCG shall review the request, consider all recommendations, and issue a final recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration who will issue a final decision on the request within twenty (20) business days of receipt of the SCG’s recommendation. The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration’s decision shall be final.

CTS shall oversee the installation of all approved security camera systems with the assistance of the UWPPD, and Facilities Management, as required.

Purchasing will not accept, approve, or process any order for security camera systems without the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

1.2 Training

Camera control operators shall be trained in the appropriate use of cameras on campus in accordance with this policy. Camera control operators shall receive a copy of this policy and provide written acknowledgement that they have read and understood its contents.

1.3 Operation

The operation of Security cameras and the observation and/or recording of information obtained through the cameras will be conducted in a manner consistent with this policy and any other applicable university policies. Camera control operators shall monitor information based on the behavior of the subjects under surveillance. Camera control operators shall not view areas that are excepted from this policy, including areas that are considered and expected to be “private” in nature, such as bathrooms, private rooms or other areas through windows. All operators and supervisors involved in video recording and observation will perform their duties in accordance with this policy.

1.4 Storage and Retention of Recordings

All video records shall be stored in a secure university centralized location for a period not to exceed 120 days and will then promptly be erased or written over, unless retained as part of a criminal investigation or court proceedings (criminal or civil), or other bona fide use as approved by the Chief of Police. Individual departments shall not store video recordings. Video recordings shall not be modified, erased or altered in any manner unless specifically authorized by the Chief of Police or other judicial authority.

A log shall be maintained of all instances of access to or use of video records. The log shall include the date and identification of the person or persons to whom access was granted.

Computer monitors and access levels will be configured to prevent camera operators from tampering with or duplicating recorded information.


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