University Staff Professional Development Fund


The objective of the University Staff Professional Development Fund (USPDF) Committee is to assist University Staff members meet the mission requirements of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to foster a teaching and learning community that provides opportunities for collaborative staff interaction in support of excellence. The University Staff Professional Development Fund provides support for group or individual professional development of University Staff.


The employee must have one year of service at UW-Parkside and be a permanent University Staff employee.


As defined by the University of Wisconsin-Parkside University Staff Professional Development Committee, University Staff professional development falls into three general categories:

  • Continuing education and updating of academic knowledge or skill
  • Technical training
  • Administrative management training



The application requirements to be used in the process are:

  • USPDF Application Form
  • USPDF Estimated Budget Form
  • USPDF Evaluation Form
  • Written Pre-approval from the Supervisor


Timeframe for Processing Requests

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Complete applications must be submitted before the first date of the activity and must meet all requirements to be considered for funding.

Thirty days after the activity or event, reimbursement paperwork and the evaluation must be submitted to the chair of the USPDFC and cc’d to the Chair of the University Staff Committee.

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