Professional Development

The objective of the University Staff Professional Development Fund Committee (CSPDFC) is to assist University Staff members in fostering a teaching and learning community that provides opportunities for collaborative staff interaction in support of excellence. The maximum amount of funding to be awarded by the CSPDF Committee is up to $500 per person per fiscal year.


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Distinguished Service Award

Applications for this award are reviewed and voted on by the University Staff Committee. To be eligible for this award, an individual must have a minimum of two (2) years of service as a university staff employee, show exceptional performance, exceed work responsibilities, and engage in activities that enhance the program/department/university. Nominations open each spring and are typically due by April. See a sample nomination form below.

Sample - University Staff Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form

University Staff Governance


The University Staff Committee is made up of eleven elected university staff employees.  To be eligible for nomination, an individual must have been classified as a 'permanent university staff' employee for at least one year.  Committee members elected during a regular election will serve a three-year term. If vacancies occur, special elections can be held for shorter term service. Committee members meet monthly.  The committee nominates and votes in an executive committee annually.


As outlined in our bylaws, the purpose and objectives of the University Staff Committee are as follows:

  • Promote an exchange of information and ideas among university staff with the broader University community, including recognized governance groups.
  • Provide an organized, systematic way for university staff to participate and serve at the institutional level as well as appropriate campus-wide committees.
  • Pursue programs and services that provide professional development activities to all university staff employees (whether historically represented and non-represented, limited term and project appointment).
  • Encourage, affirm and sustain the University’s mission, student success, diversity, inclusiveness, teaching and community engagement.
  • Allow a forum of university staff to discuss topics, concerns and interests.

2023 Executive Committee


Sherry Craig

Department Assistant

Facilities Management


Carol Kinsley

Financial Specialist

Student Life



Alex Gray

Event Coordinator

Rita Operations

2023 Committee Members

Lisa Crumble | Senior Financial/Administrative Specialist, Office of the Provost, Center for Excellence in Inclusive Teaching & Learning
  • Jean Hrpcek | Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs & Enrollment Services
  • Joy Lee | Administrative Assistant I, College of Natural and Health Sciences
  • Loki Lott | Mail Clerk, Postal Services
  • Michele Oakes-Cisler | Administrative Assistant, Student Health & Counseling
  • April Puryear | University Services Program Associate, OMSA
  • Heather Spencer I Library Resources Support Technician, Library

2023-2024 Terms for University Staff Committee

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