Environmental Compliance Information

Here are some UW-Parkside specific information sources.

The "Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence"  (c2e2) has developed a website entitled "Environmental Virtual Campus".  The site is organized around nine typical areas on a campus that are normally subject to environmental regulations. These featured areas include:

  • A laboratory
  • A central hazardous waste storage area (for generators storing waste for less than ninety days)
  • A power/heating plant
  • An auto and grounds maintenance area
  • A residential area
  • A food service area
  • A graphic arts/theatre department
  • Drains and sewers
  • A medical facility

Within each area, content is presented that discusses generally the federal environmental regulations that might commonly apply.  In addition, "best practices" are included that cover additional (non-regulated) practices. In some cases the "best practices" and regulatory requirements overlap.

To learn more about the c2e2, click here.

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