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AIM = Activity Insight Management

Why your AIM matters

You can access the AIM login from the logins page. Also, you can plenty of links from this page.

AIM Login


AIM is the system that faculty and instructional academic staff use to track and record their teaching, research/scholarship/creative work and service activities, and to prepare their Annual Activity Reports. The information you provide in AIM is used to generate your profile on the UW-Parkside website. Your Dean may also use AIM data for reporting and recognition within the college.


Whether or not you are looking at or maintaining your AIM profile, people are looking at your AIM profile! From March 24, 2020 to March 24, 2021, there were more than 97,000 unique page visits to AIM profiles!

These visitors could be potential students considering the qualification of the instructors in their program of interest. They could be people seeking experts, speakers, etc. They could be potential colleagues looking to see if UW-Parkside is the right fit for them.

Faculty and Teaching Staff page

Here is a breakdown of a anatomy of the Faculty and Teaching Staff page, and how it relates to your AIM profile.


Your photo is placed automatically. 

Get a headshot.

Your name, title, and contact information are placed automatically. You may select an alternative first name and name you publish under (e.g., an angelicized name).

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Your education information is entered by you.

AIM Login

Your bio is created by you.

AIM login

Note: The initial view of the text will be truncated to preserve the layout of the page. Also, text requires in-line HTML for formatting (breaks, italics, bold, etc).

  • [break]
  • [b]Text[/b]
  • [i]Text[/i]

Contact your Marketing Coordinator if you need help.

Marketing Coordinators

Areas of expertise are entered manually by you. These will be useful for inclusion in a future "expert guide."

AIM login

The items withing the accordions indicated by number six are entered manually by you. Fields left empty will not be displayed.

AIM login

Your "courses taught" are placed automatically.

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Program Page

You bio and headshot from your AIM profile also appear on your program (major) page. If you do not have a bio or headshot in your AIM profile, only your name appears in the rotation.

Example of AIM on a major page

A look under the hood

Here is a screen shot from the page that opens after you log in and select your name on the Manage Data screen. The "Online Faculty Profile" selection is where you go to update or input your initials/credentials, personal professional web site, biography, teaching interests, research and creative activity interests, consulting/practice interests, and your professional expertise.

If there is incorrect information in a field that you are unable to edit, contact the Institutional Research and Assessment Office.

AIM-under the hood

For your Annual Faculty Activity Report

Here is an excerpt from an email sent annually by the vice provost.

It’s time again for the yearly reminder to update your information in the Activity Insight Management system (AIM). AIM is the system that faculty and instructional academic staff use to track and record their teaching, research/scholarship/creative work, and service activities and to prepare their Annual Activity Reports. This year, the reports are due to department chairs by February XX, 20XX. 

Links to AIM are on the Logins page and on the Faculty & Staff homepage on the UW-Parkside website. Use your standard login credentials to access the system. 

  • Enter your activities into the various screens under the General InformationTeachingScholarship/Research/Creative Activity, and Service categories. Not all of the screens will pertain to you or to your type of work, but please complete those that are relevant to you. 
  • For those of you doing this reporting for the first time, consult your department chairs if you have questions about how to categorize specific activities. 
  • Your older data from previous years has also been preserved. Make sure to include or add end dates for activities that are no longer occurring.
  • You will notice that the Scheduled Teaching and most of the Personal and Contact Information screens have been automatically populated for you. Please review these sections for accuracy.  
  • You are encouraged to complete the Online Faculty Profile section located under the heading of General Information. This section will be displayed on your Online Instructor Profile on the UW-Parkside website. The profile generated from AIM is where people looking for information about you and your work will be directed or will search and find. 

Once you have fully updated your information in the AIM system, run your Annual Faculty Activity Report using the link in the navigation bar on the left. Click Run Custom Reports, and then select Annual Faculty Activity using the drop-down menu. Set the date range from Jan 1, 20XX to Dec 31, 20XX in order to capture all of your 20XX activity data.  (The Annual Activity Report is for the calendar year.)  It is best to run your report in MS Word format. When the report file is ready, you can save it to your computer, view it, and even edit it as a Word document if necessary. When it is done, please submit it to your department chair by February XX, 20XX.

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