University Staff Professional Development Fund

The objective of the University Staff Professional Development Fund Committee (USPDFC) is to assist University Staff members in meeting one of the mission requirements of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside that states:

To foster a teaching and learning community that provides opportunities for collaborative staff interaction in support of excellence.  

The USPDFC provides support for group or individual professional development. The employee who submits an application must have one year of service at UW-Parkside and be a permanent university employee. Complete information can be found in the University Staff Professional Development Fund Guidelines and Procedures. (PDF)

The USPDF fund is budgeted $2,500 annually.  The maximum amount of funding to be awarded by the USPDF Committee is up to $500 per person per fiscal year.  Priority is given to those who have not yet received an award for the current fiscal year. Complete proposals help expedite review and processing. To ensure the review of your proposal is not delayed, please have the items available below before submitting your proposal.

Checklist for Proposal Submission:

1. Name of Applicant
2. Position/Title
3. Phone number and Email address
4. Applicants Department/Unit
5. Title of Proposed Activity or Project
6. Dates(s) of Proposed Activity or Project
7. Completed Estimated Budget Checklist with the total dollar amount requested from USPDF.  This amount should include at least 25% of matching funds from department/unit, outside sources, and/or personal contributions.  Special circumstances will be considered, and a detailed explanation can be listed.
8. A statement describing how the Professional Development Fund Categories align with the applicant's proposed activity or project.  The three categories are:
a. Continuing education and updating of academic knowledge or skill
b. Technical training
c. Administrative management training
9. Supporting documents such as a program/conference brochure or URL.

Apply Online for Classified Staff Professional Development Funds

Timeframe for Processing Requests

Applications received on or before the 5th of the month will be processed according to the below timeframe.  Applications received between the 5th of the month and prior to the USPDF Committee monthly meeting may be included in the current months review.  Applications received after the monthly USPDFC meeting, will be included in next month's review.  If no proposals are received the USPDFC will cancel that month's meeting.  

5th of the month Completed Application sent to USPDFC via Qualtrics. Applicant
10th of the month USPDFC meets and reviews applications. USPDFC
15th of the month USPDFC Chair provides written/email approval/denial to applicants. Chair USPDFC
20th of the month Applications receiving approval, applicant must provide written/email accepting/declining the award. Applicant
30 days after the activity/event Submit reimbursement and evaluation paperwork to the Chair of the USPDFC and Chair of the University Staff Committee. Awarded US Member
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