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Parkside Day 2024 Results

What a day! Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered, and celebrated with us on April 10. This year 1,264 people came together to celebrate Parkside Day and we raised $210,814 from 915 donors.

  • Recent alumni are leading the way. Our top five donor classes were:
    • 2022
    • 1992, 2015, 2020
    • 2018
  • 16 generous individuals matched $25,839 throughout the day.
  • Ranger Athletics Raised $9,875 during the Ranger Athletics Power Hour presented by Northwestern Mutual - Downtown Milwaukee Group
  • Ranger Wrestling swept all Athletics team challenges, raising $15,909 from 179 donors unlocking an additional $2,500 in challenge dollars.
  • Nearly 500 square feet of glass was painted to prevent bird window collisions.
  • Nearly 60lbs (over 100 items) of food was donated to the Sharing Shelves to fight student hunger.
  • 74 G.O.L.D (Graduates of the last decade) made a Parkside Day donation to unlock an extra $2,500 from the HARIBO G.O.L.D. Bear Challenge.
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