Academic Action Appeals

The Academic Actions Committee reviews and acts on students' appeals regarding:

  1. Special consideration as provided by the admissions requirement policy
  2. Cases of academic probation, drop actions and re-admissions of students dropped for academic reasons
  3. Waivers of university-wide academic policies, including requests for waivers of general degree requirements
  4. Deletions in their official academic record, exclusive of complaints or grievances involving individual course grades

The current deadline is:
Friday, January 4, 2019 by 4:30 pm

All appeals and supporting documents must be submitted electronically in an email to by the current deadline. You must read and adhere to the requirements specific to the nature of your appeal as outlined on the Academic Action Appeal Form. No exceptions.

Students who are unable to electronically submit their appeal and supporting documents should contact the Advising and Career Center. Deadlines still apply.

Detailed instructions and the appeal guidelines are provided on the Academic Actions Appeal Form. The form is available below. Students can also request an appeal form or additional information by emailing

Academic Action Appeal Form (pdf)

Pathways to Success Contract (pdf) - required for Appeals for Readmission due to Academic Suspension.

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