CNHS Fellowships

Modine Science Research Stipends and Lectureships 

Established by the Modine Manufacturing Company in 1988 to fund science research stipends and lectures

Racine Community Foundation Richard S. Johnson II Fellowship

Student/faculty fellowships in the College of Natural and Health Sciences for projects that address Racine County industry, scientific, health, or environmental topics.

Radom Corporation Fellowship in Chemistry 

Funded by the Radom Corporation, students carry out one or more semesters of application-based experiments using the company’s newest plasma generation equipment, housed in the SC Johnson Integrated Science Lab.

Thomson Research Fellows

Generously funded by Dr. M. Scott Thomson and Mrs. Alice Thomson, to support student and faculty collaboration on field-based or laboratory research in the Biological Sciences Department. 


UW-Parkside Undergraduate Science Fellows funded by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Enroth Family Fund

Through the UW-Parkside Undergraduate Science Fellowship Program, students will carry out two semester research project, working closely with a designed faculty mentor. Project types will be based on student and faculty research interests in a variety of scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, environmental science, geosciences, health sciences, and physics. 

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