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Journal of Science

Parkside Journal of Science aims to be the premier undergraduate research journal compiling all the research being conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. 

Each semester, the PJS team of students will publish independently conducted research done by students of UW-Parkside, review current scientific articles, interview faculty members pertaining to their work, and address present issues in the scientific community. 

The motive behind the Parkside Journal of Science (PJS) is to shed light on the projects of UW-Parkside students and present them to a wider audience in an effort to inspire creative inquiry amongst the student body. Furthermore, we intend to build a community centered on scientific collaboration. PJS will be the vehicle driving an open forum for scientifically curious individuals. 

The scope of this platform is comprehensive, stretching across multifarious disciplines such as biology, physics, chemistry, psychology, computer science, sociology, anthropology, geoscience, and mathematics. While the bulk of our published material is related to the UW-Parkside campus, it is not solely confined to Wisconsin territory. A great deal of students travel abroad on trips, and our faculty routinely conduct projects in foreign lands with implications spanning the globe. 

Our mission is to ignite scientific curiosity amongst the Parkside community and beyond!


Volume 1 Issue ll

The Parkside Journal of Science is thrilled to announce the main debut of our publication “Making The Connection”. With this volume, we aim to build a bridge between current scientific affairs and the common man. The world is facing one of the most anomalous situations of the 21st century. During these times, it is conventional for a person to be skeptical of what is going on. We hope to reaffirm your confidence in science and the scientific method of research through our work. 

We ask you to take out the time to read our feature article ‘Societal upheaval - the Coronavirus Pandemic”. This deadly virus has taken over the entire world with it being present in 203 countries and adjunct territories. This article aims to explain the origin of COVID-19 in straightforward terms. 

We hope everyone is practicing social distancing, washing hands regularly, sanitizing surfaces and staying at home! The only way we can battle this virus is if we work together. 

-Thomas and Venu

Read our soft debut publication "Just the Beginning" released in fall 2019. 

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