The Natural Products Lab, at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, offers growers the opportunity to test canna chemical levels at a convenient location in Southeastern Wisconsin.


  • UW-Parkside worked closely with Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to set up our methodology.  
  • Our lab uses duplicate sampling, controls, spike-and-recovery analyses, and method blanks to ensure accurate results. 
  • Our lab can test plant materials, oils, extracts, and other CBD based products. 
  • Analysis is completed using liquid chromatography with photodiode array detection.  
  • Students are engaged in all facets of the laboratory’s operation.  


The Natural Products Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside is conveniently located along the corridor between Milwaukee and Chicago. 

UW-Parkside is located between Milwaukee and Chicago.



Our basic package includes CBD, CBDA, d9-THC, THCA and CBN. 
We can test for additional cannabinoids upon request. 

Pricing  |  $65 per sample*

*Price drops to $55 per sample after the grower’s forth sample submission. Pricing is subject to change. 


Our goal is to offer you the best customer service and communication, so we ask you speak to Miles Holvick before submitting any samples. We have a form for sample submission and chain-of-custody tracking; therefore, Miles will walk you through the process, answer questions and provide you with the necessary forms.

Miles Holvick  |  |   262-595-2316



If you have additional questions or other testing needs, please contact Lori Allen, Faculty Director of CNHS Analytical Services.  In addition to the basic package, CNHS Analytical Services Program offers a wide array of testing services.  

Lori Allen  |  |  262-595-3420



Our pledge is 7-10 calendar days, but often return a result in 3-4 days. The timing depends on the required pretreatment for the sample.  


UW-Parkside students who major in Chemistry with a concentration in natural products gain an opportunity to engage with the operations of the Natural Products Lab. Chemistry majors at UW-Parkside are introduced to experiential learning in other ways as well, such as student research, experimentation on modern instrumentation in the SC Johnson Integrated Science Lab, as well as internships with local corporations such as Abbott. 

Chemistry Major  |  Natural Products Concentration

The natural products concentration also introduces students the the impact natural products have on chemistry, chemical biology and drug discovery.  They learn the structural diversity of organic molecules is matched only by the range of their biological activities and applications!



Chemistry majors Sam Rozzoni and Mya Peterson were the 2019 UW-Parkside Big Idea awardees for their research project titled “Novel Nutrition Supplements for Physical and Cognitive Enhancement in The Aging Population.” Dr. Daryl Sauer, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, served as the project advisor.

Other Research Opportunities

  • Method development for edibles and consumer products, and stability testing  |  Dr. Lori Allen
  • Biosynthesis, bio-transformation and regulation of natural products in microbes  |  Dr. Francis Mann
  • Isolation of natural products of biological importance; synthesis of analogs as biomedical agents  |  Dr. Daryl Sauer
Sam Rozzoni and Mia Peterson standing in front of a door
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