Choosing to attend UW-Parkside has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. Parkside has provided me with an abundance of opportunities while preparing me for my future. Firstly, the education that I received from UW-Parkside is something that I think far exceeds that from a larger university. Due to the smaller class size, professors are able to explain things more in-depth and make time to meet with students individually outside of class. This ensured any question I had was not left unanswered, and I could understand the concepts I would need for the exam and in the future. I was able to take this knowledge to the next level and apply it directly to a research project. I have been working alongside Dr. Francis Mann, in her lab, and I am confident I will apply the methods and tools acquired in my education toward making a new, novel discovery in the scientific community.

Parkside also provided many opportunities to become involved on campus. Outside of being able to attend many events, such as Parkside Day, which was able to raise over $142,000 for student scholarships, I spent my time maintaining officer roles in various organizations and serving on Parkside Student Government as a senator. This allowed many important relationships among Parkside staff, faculty, and students to flourish. Being a leader and showing students, who are pursuing the same path, what I have learned from my successes and more importantly my failures, has been extremely rewarding.

The final leadership role I undertook was as a mentor for the AssitSTEM, through the College of Natural and Health Sciences. Working as a mentor furthered my reach for the guidance I could provide to UW Parkside students, but also work on implementing outreach programs to neighboring communities high schools. Balancing many activities at once while maintaining a competitive GPA was not always easy. I had many long nights, stressful moments, and moments of walking into exams petrified. However, even with these feelings I never felt unsupported, the Parkside community, professors, and faculty were always there to guide me through this journey. This does not mean Parkside has not provided many, many moments of laughter, happiness, and feelings of fulfillment. Through all my experiences at the University of Wisconsin- Parkside I was able to gain admission into my dream medical school, the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Thank you Parkside.


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