Choosing to attend UW-Parkside has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made. Parkside has provided me with an abundance of opportunities while preparing me for my future. Firstly, the education that I received from UW-Parkside is something that I think far exceeds that from a larger university. Due to the smaller class size, professors are able to explain things more in-depth and make time to meet with students individually outside of class. This ensured any question I had was not left unanswered, and I could understand the concepts I would need for the exam and in the future.


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The CNHS AssistSTEM mentoring program relaunched in the fall of 2019. The program is designed to provide academic support, advice, and guidance for the development CNHS students by more experienced CNHS students, and the program is reinforced in the motto "By Students, For Students".

The program successfully organized multi-departmental laboratory tours for roughly 40 students from Dr. Lewis's freshman seminar in bioscience and pre-health. The laboratory tours allowed to students to get an insight on what projects undergraduate students can perform in labs ranging from psychology to molecular biology. Mentors of the AssistSTEM reached out and mentored over 50 students in the fall of 2019. The program is also branching out to students at the high-school level. Mentors are actively working with local high schools to give short informative presentations in hopes to potentially mentor future Parkside Rangers.


Dr. Ignacio Rivero Covelo
Dr. Ignacio Rivero Covelo studied Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Santiago the Compostela (Spain). He joined the Psychiatric Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in 2007 to examine animal models of schizophrenia under the mentorship of Dr. Alessandro Guidotti. Also at UIC, he enrolled into the Neuroscience graduate program conducting his doctoral dissertation in Dr. David Wirtshafter’s laboratory. His dissertation examined the role of the ventral pallidum in feeding behavior. After obtaining his PhD, Dr. Covelo joined the laboratory of Dr. Shelly Flagel at the department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan. There, he studied pre-clinical animal models of addiction. In 2017, Dr. Covelo became a visiting assistant professor at Marquette University serving in the departments of Biological Sciences and Psychology.
In 2019, Dr. Covelo joined the department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. Here, he teaches neuroscience courses and is further developing the neuroscience certificate and concentration. Finally, Dr. Covelo’s research employs chemogenetic tools to examinehow striatal and pallidal circuits regulate food and drug intake.
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Photo of Thomas Stirrat, Editor in Chief and Venu Rajyaguru, Executive Editor of the Parkside Journal of Science.


The Parkside Journal of Science is thrilled to announce the main debut of our publication “Making The Connection”. With this volume, we aim to build a bridge between current scientific affairs and the common man. The world is facing one of the most anomalous situations of the 21st century. During these times, it is conventional for a person to be skeptical of what is going on. We hope to reaffirm your confidence in science and the scientific method of research through our work. 

We ask you to take out the time to read our feature article ‘Societal upheaval - the Coronavirus Pandemic”. This deadly virus has taken over the entire world with it being present in 203 countries and adjunct territories. This article aims to explain the origin of COVID-19 in straightforward terms. 

We hope everyone is practicing social distancing, washing hands regularly, sanitizing surfaces and staying at home! The only way we can battle this virus is if we work together. 

-Thomas and Venu




Emmanuel Otu, Ph.D. 
Dean and Professor of Chemistry

Stacie Albert  |  |  262-595-2977


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