Building Bridges Project

The College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost, announces the Building Bridges Project for 2018.  UW-Parkside occupies a geographical position that places it on the borders of two counties on the north and south, and also an urban and rural setting on the east and west.  As Parkside enters its 50th year, we celebrate our bold beginnings and our future focus with a competitive award for student projects that bridge the rural and urban divide.

Proposals for projects must be community and/or campus based, positively focused, outcome oriented, and regionally appropriate. A final public presentation of results is required. Students can apply individually or as a group.  Competitive proposals will demonstrate a reading of Cramer’s book (see below).

Proposals must not be more than 1000 words in length, and must be submitted with a budget no later than December 1, 2018.  Projects can occur at any time during the 2018-19 academic year.

There is $2000 available for awards.  Range of budget requests is $200-$500.

Special thanks to the Provost’s office for donating to this award!


Resentment, the belief that a person is not getting what they deserve, and that others are getting more than they deserve, is the topic of Kathy Cramer’s book, The Politics of Resentment.

Cramer argues that the way to bridge the rural and urban divide starts with genuine listening and “everyday interpersonal relationships……Try to listen rather than figure out how you can counter what they just said. All too often we’re trying to get ready to answer and persuade. Before that ever happens, you have to make a connection with people and try to understand where they’re coming from,”

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