Human Identification Lab

The Human Identification Forensic Anthropology lab and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a fully functioning Forensic Anthropology facility capable of providing a detailed biological profile of unknown decedents. Analyses include both metric and non-metric methods, employing the most up-to-date statistical software available.  

The lab can accept work on current cases, “cold” cases, and even historic and archaeological cases. Equipped with all the necessary gear, we also assist with searches, and we are happy to offer forensic archaeological recovery services. 

 In addition to traditional forensic anthropological analyses, the lab is equipped to handle DNA extractions from bone and dental tissue. It can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to get DNA from bones, especially old and damaged samples. The lab manager, Dr. Keith Biddle, specializes in these types of challenging extractions and has successfully retrieved both mitochondrial and autosomal DNA from fresh, old, water-logged, sun-bleached, and even badly burned human bones.

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Dr. Keith Biddle wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the best places to get DNA from human bones. He has over 6 years of Forensic Anthropology and DNA
experience and has worked with Medical Examiners, Coroners, DNA Analysts, as well as Law Enforcement from municipal, state, and even tribal police departments. As a graduate student at the University of Montana, he even performed consultative work with the FBI and the U.S. State Dept. Dr. Biddle has also presented research at the 76th Annual Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Biddle received his MA in Forensic Anthropology and Ph.D. in Molecular Anthropology from the University of Montana. He specializes in expanding scientific knowledge of the cellular and biochemical aspects of human bones and teeth to enhance forensic DNA extraction, pathology, trauma, and age at the time of death. Dr. Biddle has worked extensively with law enforcement and forensic professionals from a wide array of jurisdictions and in multiple states. He has helped identify multiple unknown individuals and has aided in dozens of other cases.


Keith Biddle, PhD

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice and Anthropology

UW-Parkside Human Identification Lab Manager
262-595- 3045  |

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