4-Year Degree Guarantee


Working Smarter.

Career Focused

Integrated and aligned majors, minors, and certificates propel you into your career or graduate school.

Efficient Scheduling

Interconnected general education courses with purposeful pairing and selection.

Time to Degree

4 Years - GUARANTEED. You will be on a clear path to graduation from day one.


Financial Benefits

Save tuition dollars, take less financial aid, and utilize the tuition plateau rate (same tuition cost from 12-18 credits).


  • Associate of Arts in Professional Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Concentration in Law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
  • Ethics Certifacte
  • Social Justice Certificate
  • 21st-Century Skill and Mind Set - By the time students complete their senior capstone they will have practiced and demonstrated competency in analytical and critical thinking skills, professional communication, research, and teamwork and team-building skills.
  • Contemporary logic that prepares you for the ever-changing career field.
  • Proficiency for working with data.
  • Attorney
  • Judge
  • Political Advocate
  • Campaign Manager
  • Ethics Specialist
  • Lobbyist
  • Government Relations
  • Public Policy
  • Analyst
  • Caseworker
  • Legislative Correspondent
  • Media Relations
  • Researcher
  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Journalist
  • Editor

Law School or Graduate School

Law schools often recommend a broad undergraduate education. With these credentials, you will become well versed in a variety of disciplines that make you a top candidate for graduate school.


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