Performance Coaching and Leading Teams Certificate

Noncredit Professional Development

Being equipped with the skills to lead a high performing team is critical for supervisors. Leading with authenticity and providing coaching and timely feedback are foundational to leading others effectively. This certificate equips participants with the confidence and skills to move seamlessly from employee to manager, and to build an effective, high performing team.

In a series of three trainings, participants develop skills in topics such as unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, performance coaching and feedback. Upon completion of the certificate, participants will have obtained the necessary skills to build a capable, high performing team.

Part of the Inclusive Leadership Series.


The Performance Coaching and Leading Teams Certificate will help you:

  • Lead your team to successfully meet short-term goals, deal with team conflict, recognition and celebration.
  • Cultivate team culture, deal with conflicts, and promote recognition and celebration.
  • Discover your own personal leadership style and focus on how self-awareness can make you a better leader.
  • Establish employee performance expectations, set performance goals, and measure performance.
  • Learn what it means to be an authentic leader, learn how to define their authentic leadership style, and be a more effective leader and communicator.

Return on investment

Increase team productivity by mobilizing skills in unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, performance coaching, and feedback. Develop and strengthen strategies to lead high performing teams while laying a critical foundation for authentic leadership. 

While you or your employees have the opportunity to complete individual trainings, participating in the entire Performance Coaching and Leading Teams certificate supports the potential to produce highly productive and authentic leaders who can communicate more effectively in the multigenerational, multicultural workforce of today’s global workplace.

Successful completion of all three modules will earn a certificate and badge in Performance Coaching and Leading Teams. Read more about digital badges.


FOCUS  |  Establishing employee performance expectations, setting performance goals, and measuring performance. 

METHOD  |  Discover the distinction between coaching and feedback, and learn how to identify the most effective ways to provide developmental feedback. 

COMPETENCIES  |  Developmental feedback | Distinction between coaching and mentoring

INSTRUCTION  |  Face-to-face  |  Enroll Now



FOCUS  |  Strategies and skills employees need to understand differences, transcend barriers, and successfully communicate across cultures. 

METHOD  |  Uncover one’s own Authentic Leadership style, a clear expression of leadership, to build trust and influence others. Explore and clarify the strengths of leadership style, learn practical tools, and gain confidence to put them into practice. 

 COMPETENCIES  |  Self-awareness  |  Emotional intelligence  |  Generational differences  |  Unconscious bias




FOCUS  |  Cultivating team culture, learning to delegate, and leading teams to success. 

METHOD  |  Develop methods to cultivate team culture, delegate, and lead teams to successfully meet short-term goals, deal with conflicts, and promote recognition and celebration. Finally, discover personal leadership styles and focus on how self-awareness creates a better leader. 

COMPETENCIES  |  Team culture | Effective delegation  | Leadership style  |  Driving teams to meet short-term goals  |  Dealing with team conflict  |  Recognition and celebrating successes



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