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Driven by evidence-based leadership trainings across three certificates, the Inclusive Leadership Series is expertly designed to empower managers and those aspiring to serve in supervisory roles with the skills needed to communicate authentically, to think critically, and to inspire positive, productive change in the employees that they oversee in today’s global workplace.

In a multigenerational, culturally diverse workforce, issues in communication make strong leadership more valuable than ever, but how can you ensure that your team is in the right hands?

That’s where we come in.

The Inclusive Leadership Series will help you:

  • Solve conflict creatively, constructively, and fairly
  • Understand how productivity is affected by unconscious bias and emotional intelligence
  • Harness the power of effective negotiation skills
  • Give and receive feedback constructively
  • Learn personal accountability
  • Transition from leading self to leading others

Leadership training designed for a return on investment.


ACCORDING TO THE HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, teams that are led by engaging, skilled high-level managers are more likely to put out quality, efficient work. The converse is true as well; teams that are led by managers with poor leadership skills are less likely to succeed.

PARTICIPANTS OF THE CERTIFICATE have a greater potential to be highly productive and authentic leaders who can think critically, communicate effectively, and build healthy partnerships with a diverse group of individuals in the growing global workplace.

Three certificates driven by evidence-based trainings.

Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate

The Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate emphasizes productive ways to handle conflicts. Conflicts are an inevitable part of life, and leaders in the workforce must become particularly adept at constructing creative and critical solutions to problems faced by their employees. In a series of three trainings, discover the necessary elements to solving conflicts, including self-awareness, analysis, negotiation, and mediation.  Participants will soon discover that these techniques extend beyond the classroom, providing valuable conflict solving skills that can be applied to real-life personal and workplace scenarios.

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Expert Business Communication Certificate

The Expert Business Communication Certificate was created to assist individuals to communicate more effectively in the multigenerational, multicultural workforce of today's global workplace. In a series of three trainings, participants will learn how to communicate in a way that is both professional and impactful, whether that communication occurs digitally, cross culturally, or in a standard office environment. Upon completion of the certificate, participants will notice how effective business communication can achieve success on an individual and company-wide level.

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Performance Coaching and Leading Teams Certificate

Being equipped with the skills to lead a high performing team is critical for supervisors. Leading with authenticity and providing coaching and timely feedback are foundational to leading others effectively. This certificate will provide skill development in unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, cultural competency, performance coaching and feedback, and many other skills to build an effective, high performing team.

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