Business Internships

Internship Process for Business Majors at UW-Parkside 

step 1

Schedule a Career Advising appointment to discuss internship ideas and resources:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn
  • Handshake and  job boards 
  • Additional internship and career resources  
Step 2

Apply, interview and secure an internship. 

Step 3 orange on white background

Prepare and submit internship credit form, if applicable for your program. See info and details below.


Schedule a post-internship appointment to add internship experience to resume and how to discuss your internship experience during job interviews. 

Do you already have an internship and want to get academic credit for it? 

Internships provide opportunities for Business majors to apply classroom knowledge in a work setting. Internships are offered for credit and may be paid or unpaid. A student who wishes to complete an internship must provide a description of the work or project to be completed on the employer’s letterhead. An agreement must be signed by the student, the faculty supervisor, the department chair, and the site supervisor. Internships are graded as either CR (credit) or NC (no credit). In order to receive credit, the student must:

  1. complete the appropriate number of work hours
  2. provide a written performance evaluation from the internship supervisor
  3. complete one or more items of the following documentation (as determined by the faculty supervisor):
  • regular status reports on the work performed
  • summary paper on internship experience
  • other written documents prepared by the student related to the internship


Internships can range from 1-3 credits, with 50 hours of internship work required for every 1 credit. Students must have at least 54 credit hours earned and must have satisfactorily completed at least one upper-division business foundation core course in the area. There may be specific requirements in certain areas; please check the catalog for specific 494 courses.

Students must complete the Permission to Register for Internship form, along with supporting documentation and all relevant signatures, as per UW-Parkside policies. 

Students must normally complete the work during the semester in which the credit is taken. If the work runs beyond the semester for which the student is registered, a grade of Incomplete may be assigned pending completion of the work during the following semester.

The internship supervisor must complete and submit the ‘internship evaluation’ form from the department.

A maximum of 6 internship credits may be counted toward graduation requirements. The combined credits for internships and independent studies across all business disciplines cannot exceed 6 credits. Other specific rules may apply to other concentrations. Please refer to the course catalog for further information.


Ready to earn academic credits for your internship? 

  1. Share job description and offer letter with your academic advisor and wait for department approval. 
  2. After approval, schedule an advising appointment with your academic advisor. 
  3. Submit the Permission to Register for Internship form to faculty supervisor and request time to discuss academic expectations. 
  4. The Permission to Register for Internship form gets submitted by chair of department with all needed signatures to the Registrar's Office, where they will add the internship to your class schedule. 
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