An Incredible Opportunity - Interview with Ahmad Qawi

Headshot of Ahmad Qawi

Ahmad Qawi is a 4th year Marketing major at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. He has been working at Twin Disc as an intern for over a year. Though he is working in the purchasing and planning department, he sees himself working in a senior position on a corporate level in the future. He believes the opportunity to work in a business setting is an incredibly valuable experience.

“Internships are key to finding [out] if this field is what you want to be doing for the rest of your working life.”

Ahmad is responsible for transferring inventory from one branch of the company to another. He also releases work orders so the shop floor employees can complete the orders. “I’ve learned how to analyze inventory efficiently, manage priorities given to me by multiple people, and communicate effectively to make sure everything is moving how it is supposed to.”

“Be open to learn.”

Ahmad knows that it can be a challenge to balance an internship and school. However, he eventually got into a routine and figured out how to make sure he could stay on top of his school work and his internship, as well as developing his own clothing line. “Did it take away from my free time at first? Definitely, but I knew I would have to make sacrifices if I want to be successful in school while also making an impact at Twin Disc… I’m proud to say that I’m an honor roll student, with an internship at Twin Disc, with an up and coming clothing brand.”

Ahmad would advise anyone interested in getting an internship to apply to several internships and to do it early. An internship can influence the decisions students make about their career in the future, as well as being a great opportunity to learn more about working in different environments. He says the most important thing to do in an internship is listen. “Sometimes, the best thing you can do is sit back, listen, comprehend, and observe how the people above you do certain tasks.”

“Take full advantage of your opportunity, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and pass on any knowledge you can to your peers.

Published April 5, 2019

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