From an Internship to a Job Offer at ESPN - Interview with Darnell Clay

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Published: October 15 2019

Darnell Clay is a sport management major, second semester senior, husband, father, and sports fan. He took his love of sports to ESPN Milwaukee, where as an intern he thrived as a producer and member of their content creating team.

Darnell believes his reward for continuous hard work at ESPN Milwaukee was gaining real world experience. He states, “I was the first intern to have content [I wrote] be published on the website.” Not only that, but it got Darnell out of the classroom and into a job setting.

“It taught me how to be prepared and professional.” 

Darnell’s newly sharpened skills are what led him to be offered a job at ESPN Milwaukee after his internship was finished. When asked if he was surprised by their offer, he states, “Oh no. Did I expect it? No. I did not walk in and expect to leave with a job. But I also knew I did the best work and gave my all everyday.” 

“From the beginning, I knew that other hobbies and free time would be cut short due to myself taking on more responsibilities...but I was up to the challenge.”

Darnell is considered a non-traditional student. Between classes and his internship, he spends time with his wife and two children. Although college can be difficult on its own, Darnell is up to the challenge. “I just remained focused throughout the process and understood that to achieve my goals, it’s not going to be easy. There will be trials and tribulations along the way.”

Balancing this internship along with his family, school, and work taught Darnell how to prioritize. He knew that bringing in an internship into everything else in his life would be important for future goals, but he did not let the added challenge stop him from preparing for his ambitions. 

If Darnell could offer one piece of advice to anyone worried about balancing many aspects of life, it would be: “Work hard. Manage your time. Put your best foot forward every time.”

Cassidy Schwimmer
Community & Business Engagement Social Media Intern

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