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UW-Parkside students, faculty, and partners are always busy making positive change in our communities. We're excited to share what's new.


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Learning to Earn

Milagros Sanchez enrolled in UWP 294 while working at CVS Pharmacy as a shift supervisor. In UWP 294, students are asked to not only work but reflect on their work, getting more out of their work and extracting useful skills for bigger and better jobs.

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Finding Your Voice

As a Sociology major, Denisse Ochoa learned about advocacy from the perspective of the classroom, but when she started her internship with the Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center, she truly got to put her learning in action in a real world environment.

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Finishing Strong

When Samantha Reynoso returned to UW-Parkside to finish her Bachelor’s degree, she found her path to finish strong through a research-based internship right here in Kenosha.

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Learning to Lead

Tess Dimler wasn't looking for a major leadership role when given the chance to apply to be a MOSAIC Educator, but she took the leap and is so thankful she did.

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Getting Your Hands Dirty

Jessica Topp didn’t want to be stuck indoors for her internship, and she certainly got her wish: as the Water Sampling Intern for the Kenosha County Parks Department, she spent over a third of her time outside.

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Knowing Your Audience

Working with HARIBO's communications team, Grace Scalzo strengthens her written abilities in a corporate setting.

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Order in the Court

Sitting in the front row of Professor Graveley’s Criminal Law course, Miraje became intrigued by the mechanics of the courtroom. 

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Experience Is Key

While taking the course Writing for Multi-Media, Cassidy’s talent for writing was quickly noticed by her instructor Tannette Elie. When Elie encouraged Cassidy to pursue an on-campus internship.

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Maddie McAndrews

Putting People in Touch with Nature

Maddie’s summer internship at Pringle Nature Center was the perfect match for her Environmental Studies major and life-long dream to work at a nature center.  

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From Dream to Reality

While meeting her internship requirement for her Child and Family Advocacy and Health and Society certificates, Annette found the perfect opportunity to help children through her internship at Lesia’s Land of Love.

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Under the Microscope

Under the Microscope

Professor Rivero Covelo and his team of undergraduates have been working closely with rats in a study to better understand the effects of eating disorders.

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Victor Escobedo

Breaking Down Language Barriers

Through his Community Engagement Certificate, Victor incorporated his education to help children break down barriers in his community.

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Terra Wendrick

Student to Instructor

Parkside Alumna, Terra Wendricks partnered with the Department of Corrections as an intern after finding a passion for Criminal Justice. Now Terra is back on campus, teaching the next generation of students as an Associate Lecturer. 

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Focusing on Youth

Working as a mental health counseling intern at Lad Lake, Rebecca provided residential healing treatments to young women who had experienced trauma.

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