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Liberal Studies


Our mission is to provide flexible, innovative degree programs to students whose needs and interests are not limited to a single discipline. Grounded in the Liberal Arts tradition, we prepare graduates to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Make connections across disciplines
  • Become knowledgeable, engaged citizens of our local and global communities
  • Assume leadership roles and apply their knowledge in all areas of their professional and personal lives




We believe that students educated in the Liberal Arts tradition will have the skills to meet the many challenges of today's workplace. Moreover, students who have the flexibility to choose advanced classes in multiple disciplines can design a major that better addresses their individual career goals. Liberal Studies is committed to helping students create their own paths to degree-completion, career success, and ultimately a more fulfilling quality of life. We envision our program, students, and graduates helping to shape a community that is intellectually engaged, globally connected, environmentally responsible, diverse and inclusive.

Degree Offered

Liberal Studies is a degree-completion program; students who have 45-60 credits can finish their Bachelor of Arts degree on evenings and weekends.

Liberal Studies Major

The Liberal Studies degree provides organizational expertise for use in public and private sector employment settings.

The Organizational Studies Concentration

This program develops the student's understanding of the structures, operations and functions of complex organizations in both public and private sectors. Professors, knowledgeable and experienced in various fields, provide students with a multidimensional, comprehensive understanding of complex organizations in our society.

Women's and Gender Studies Concentration

This concentration is available through a combination of on-campus and distance education courses offered by other participants in the UW System Women's Studies Collaborative Major.

Teresa Coronado, Director
Rita/CART 235/221

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