Liberal Studies Department

Our mission is to provide flexible, innovative degree programs to students whose needs and interests are not limited to a single discipline. Grounded in the liberal arts tradition, we prepare graduates to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Make connections across disciplines
  • Become knowledgeable, engaged citizens of our local and global communities
  • Assume leadership roles and apply their knowledge in all areas of their professional and personal lives

We believe that students educated in the Liberal Arts tradition will have the skills to meet the many challenges of today's workplace. Moreover, students who have the flexibility to choose advanced classes in multiple disciplines can design a major that better addresses their individual career goals. Liberal Studies is committed to helping students create their own paths to degree-completion, career success, and ultimately a more fulfilling quality of life. We envision our program, students, and graduates helping to shape a community that is intellectually engaged, globally connected, environmentally responsible, diverse and inclusive.


Offers an interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking, writing/communication development skills, and a heightened understanding of global perspectives. Students interested in pursuing this concentration typically have an affinity for subjects like, art, music, graphic design, classical studies, literature, and the performing and visual arts. For example, courses in this concentration include the Communication, English, History, Humanities, and Political Science disciplines.

Leadership and Organizational Studies
Provides students with opportunities to understand and experience the complexities of structures and organizational methods applicable in both the public and private sector. Courses in this concentration include Geography, History/Ethnic Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Communications to name a few. Many students in business related fields have found Organizational Studies particularly applicable to their professional and career development.

Social Science Studies
Offers students the option to meet with an adviser and design an individual plan of study surrounding a concept within the social or behavioral sciences. This concentration offers a high degree of flexibility to students with an academic record that reflects a wide array of interdisciplinary intellectual interests.

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Provides students the opportunity to study the development and evolution of gender, class, race, and power, and the resulting marginalization and oppression stemming from such social constructs. Students create a plan to examine the injustices/inequalities that influence the world and the ways we exist within it.


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What is a degree completion program?

Liberal Studies is a degree-completion program; students who have 45-60 credits can finish their Bachelor of Arts degree on evenings and weekends with additional courses offered in hybrid or online capacities. Students interested in pursuing Liberal Studies to complete their degree can consult with our advisor who can evaluate your particular academic record and discuss your options in more detail.

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