UW-Parkside uses the Wisconsin Placement Test (WPT) for Foreign Language. Tests are offered in French, German (though German courses are not offered at Parkside), and Spanish to place students into the appropriate course level of their selected foreign language. 

To review dates. policies and information on how to register, please visit the placement testing webpage.

Students who place into language courses numbered 104 (beginning level 2) and 204 (intermediate level 4) are advised to audit 103 or 203, respectively, in the fall and then take 104  or 204 in the spring. Students cannot begin language study (103 or 203) during the spring semester.

The Modern Languages Department reserves the right to refuse access to any language class (including 103) to any student under the following circumstances:

  • The student has not taken the placement exam or
  • The student's previous experience in the study of the language makes enrollment in the class in question inappropriate.


Retroactive credits in Foreign Language

The Modern Language is required for any UW-Parkside student who wishes to receive college credit for language competency reached in high school. Students may earned up to 16 credits, four for each of the first four semesters of language study, if: a) they completed the previous course work in a United States high school, b) they enroll in the college course into which they place, and c) they complete the course with a grade of B- or better. In order to be granted retroactive credit, the student must submit an application to the Office of the Registrar/Student Records at the end of the appropriate college semester.

Retroactive Credit for Transfer Student

UW-Parkside will accept retroactive credit for foreign language if it was granted by another UW System institution and is documented on the student's UW System transcript. Students or advisers with questions about an individual situation should contact the chair of the Modern Languages Department. Advanced students in a foreign language should consult with an adviser in the Modern Languages Department.

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