Expand your linguistic and cultural horizons, as well as developing your cognitive skills - study a second (or third, or fourth) language! The Modern Languages Department offers courses in the languages, literatures and cultures of the Pan-Hispanic, French and Francophone, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese peoples. Students may pursue a major, minor or certificate in Spanish; minors in French and German; and introductory classes in Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

We encourage our students to enrich their study of language and culture by exploring the many multi-disciplinary programs that Parkside offers. Programs in international studies, women's and gender studies, humanities, business management and ethnic studies, to name a few, are easily combined with a major or minor in this department.

As a part of your language program, we also strongly encourage you to participate in one of the many study-abroad and travel-study programs coordinated by the Center for International Studies. Or check it out in person with students who have studied abroad at our twice yearly study-abroad fair.


Graduates will:

  • Communicate effectively in spoken and written form in the target language.
  • Demonstrate the ability to convey complex concepts to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics in the target language.
  • Analyze artifacts from the target culture and compare and contrast the target culture with their own culture.
  • Appreciate cultural differences and tolerate cultural & national ambiguity.

The learning outcomes of the program are:

  • Students can converse and write in the target language at American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency level advanced low.
  • Students can write in the target language at ACTFL proficiency level advanced low.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate information and concepts with the degree of complexity necessary to navigate in business, medical, and educational settings, among others, in the target language.
  • Students can analyze and evaluate the values and experiences which shape their own lives through the lens of a different culture(s).


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