Pre-Nursing Program

Welcome to the pre-nursing program at UW-Parkside. The information provided on this page will help you prepare for acceptance into the professional nursing program. We also recommend you reach out to your advisor for specific questions. They will guide you in a completly holistic way to support your health career pathway.



Student Nurses' at Parkside (SNAP)

Promoting growth and leadership opportunities beyond those offered in the nursing curriculum. SNAP sponsors projects and activities to foster professionalism; to improve the quality of nursing education; to increase group cohesiveness between members, nursing students, and faculty; to positively influence the health and well-being of students, the community, and the world.

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Admission to the Professional Major
Our professional major is a competitive program, which means students must apply to the major, and admission is not guaranteed. At UW-Parkside, we admit 40 students to the professional major every Fall. 

For admission to the professional major, a committee completes a holistic review of your academics, work, volunteer, and leadership experiences. There is no required number of hours for volunteer work, however, it is required and considered when reviewing students for admission. Following the initial academic review, eligible students are invited to complete a series of short interviews and write an essay.

The committee reviews applications based on the holistic admission rubric (PDF).

Meet with an advisor to determine when you should apply to the professional nursing major.

Applications for the Professional Major are accepted early November-January 2.


  • Completion of preparatory coursework based on placement test scores
  • Math Competency (Placement score of 30+ or Math 111 with "C" or higher)
  • Prerequisite Coursework Getting Started Guide 


  • Must have at least a "C" (2.0) in each pre-nursing prerequisite course. Earning less than a “C” in a required course constitutes a “repeat.”
  • No more than one repeat per required course.
  • No more than 2 total repeats for required courses.
  • Must complete required pre-nursing courses prior to start of professional major.
  • Minimum Nursing GPA: 2.750 |  Minimum Science GPA: 2.750


  • Applications become available each November and are due by January 2 at 5 pm. This is a firm deadline for admission into the fall professional nursing program.
  • Required prerequisite courses may be completed in the Spring and/or Summer semester(s) after an application is submitted, but must be completed with a C or higher in the intended semester by the start of the professional program and with eligible GPAs to maintain admission.
  • Find Application to the Professional Major here 


Getting Started Guide  


To ensure eligibility, meet with the nursing academic advisor each semester before applying to the professional major. 


Hillary Vara  |  262-595-2480  |


If you are looking to enter into the healthcare field as a nurse, and also have a strong interest and passion in psychology, you have the opportunity to pursue a minor in health psychology while completing the prerequisite coursework for the nursing bachelor of science program at UW-Parkside.  

The addition of this highly complementary minor will allow you to have a broader background and greater depth of knowledge regarding the unique issues of psychology that are common within treating patients, than is possible with the bachelor of science in nursing alone.  

Information about the health psychology minor, as well as other health pathways and linked below.

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