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Geneva Whitmire
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In 2012, the Department of Political Science and Law and the Department of Philosophy merged to form the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Law.

The program in political science provides many educational opportunities for the undergraduate student, with particular strengths in comparative politics, international relations, and legal studies. A unique feature of the department is the internship program, which permits students to earn academic credit while directly experiencing government, politics, public administration and law.

The program in philosophy offers its majors and minors a variety of courses in traditional areas of philosophical inquiry while providing a broad range of general education courses and courses bearing on other disciplines. Philosophy and political science have collaborated in various ways for some time, in particular with cross-listed courses contributing to each other’s programs.

The merging of the two departments provides a unique opportunity for our faculty and for our students. While philosophy is the rational investigation of truths about reality knowledge and values essential to understanding the place of human beings in the world and the nature of the good life, political science is the systematic study of political systems, behaviors, and processes, as well as the systems of thought which underlie political structures. Both political science and law, and philosophy include within their scope the study of logic and scientific method, as well as the investigation of ethical and political values. Thus they often provide reflective insight for other fields of study.

In the future, the department’s intent is to more fully integrate the two academic programs in order to take full advantage of the possibilities for creative course offerings which will benefit students’ intellectual growth.

Dr. Ross Astoria, Department Chair

Politics, Philosophy, and Law Program Declaration

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