Program Entry Audition

Theatre Arts Department

Any student wishing to enroll as a Theatre Arts major at Parkside must interview and/or audition with members of the theatre faculty prior to admission to the program. Prospective theatre arts majors will not be officially accepted into the department until this important on-campus interview process is completed.

Interview & Audition Information

The interview/audition process offers the prospective student the opportunity to visit the campus, meet theatre students and faculty, attend free productions, qualify for talent scholarships, and share important details about past experience and future goals and expectations. The interview/audition process also provides the theatre faculty with an opportunity to better know each prospective student's theatrical experience and talents, educational goals, and career expectations.

Please note that our company is "capped" at 65 total majors, including actors, designers, stage managers, and technicians. Like any professional theatre, we strive to balance the skills, talents, and gifts of our company members. This is a major factor of consideration in the program entry audition selection process. Some talented individuals may be denied acceptance into the program.

Program Entry Auditions


Dec 6, 2019
Arts Visit Day

Feb 15, 2020
Arts and Humanities Scholarship Day

Apr 3, 2020

May 8, 2020

Every prospective theatre arts major must take these steps as a part of process: 

step 1

Get accepted to UW-Parkside! 

We cannot audition or interview prospective students who have not been fully accepted to UW-Parkside prior to the audition. Proof of acceptance to Parkside is required prior to scheduling a program entry audition/interview . 

step 2

Demonstrate proven prior academic success

All prospective theatre arts applicants must meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (from high school or other colleges)
  • A composite ACT score of at least 21
  • Be in the upper 50% of their graduating class (for high school students).
step 3

Schedule your program entry interview and/or audition

You can select a private interview and/or audition with the Theatre Arts Department on the scheduled dates. Please contact Misti Bradford at or submit your audition request online

step 4

Gather all of your required materials

At the time of the scheduled interview/audition, you must present standard audition materials to the Theatre Arts faculty and staff.

Official Letter of Acceptance to UW-Parkside.

Detailed theatre experience resume listing all previous theatre experiences and activities, on stage and off stage.

One-page personal essay explaining your reason for choosing theatre arts as a college major and your ultimate career goals and objectives.

Current transcript(s) of grades going back 4 years.

Two letters of recommendation from current or former theatre teachers and directors or from other educators who can comment on your work, spirit, and talents.

Recent headshot; senior photos and candid snapshots are acceptable.

Presentation of personal talents

  • Students wishing to become actors, directors, or theatre teachers areasked to prepare and present TWO memorized, contrasting 1-minute monologues that best show their range of talent. You may also present a one minute musical selection, however you must provide your own recorded accompaniment on CD or dock.
  • Students wishing to become designers, technicians, or stage managers are asked to present a production portfolio that contains examples of previous theatrical or artistic projects. 




HOW ABOUT FREE TICKETS TO A SHOW? We will be happy to provide complimentary tickets to you and your parents (3 free tickets max). Reservations are required and free tickets are subject to availability since our shows tend to SELL OUT early. Contact Misti Bradford ( to reserve your complimentary tickets.

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