Raghava Gundala, MBA, PhD

Dr. Raghava R. Gundala is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, USA. Dr. Gundala currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in marketing. His research interests are teaching and learning in marketing, emphasizing student-centered teaching strategies, Global Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, and New Product Development.

Selected Publications

2023: Impact of Consumer Consumption Adjustments on Habits and Purchase Behavior during COVID-19,

2023: Online Shopping Behaviour via AI-enabled Shopping Platforms: A Conceptual Framework, European Chemical Bulletin (2089-2097 pp.)

2023: The Perceived Effects of Graduate Business Education on Personal and Professional Development: An Empirical Study,

2018: Glocalization of Consumers in the Caribbean: A Case Study of Trinidad and Tobago, (94-107 pp.)

2018: Perceptions of Integrated Experiential Learning of Graduate Marketing Students, Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (74-89 pp.)

2016: Brand Switching Behavior in Indian Wireless Telecom Service Market, Journal of Marketing Management (100-9 pp.)

2016: Role of Simulations in Student Learning: A Case Study Using Marketing Simulation, Journal of Educational Research and Innovation (2 pp.)

2016: Leadership Style and Retail Store Performance-A Case Study of Discount Retail Chain, Journal of Business and Retail Management Research

2015: Graduate Marketing Students’ Satisfaction in the Caribbean: A Longitudinal Case Study, Quality Approaches in Higher Education (17-25 pp.)

BUS 494 - Internship in Business
MBA 750 - Global Marketing Management
MBA 752 - Marketing Management
MBA 753 - Integrated Marketing Comm
MBA 758 - Digital Marketing/Social Media
MKT 350 - Marketing Principles
MKT 356 - Global Marketing
MKT 358 - Promotions Management
MKT 450 - Social Media Marketing
MKT 455 - Marketing Management
MKT 490 - Special Topics in Marketing:
MKT 494 - Internship
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