Fumi Nakayama

  • Lecturer
  • Music Department
  • MM, Indiana University, 1994
  • EMAIL: nakayama@uwp.edu
Fumi Nakayama
Fumi Nishikiori-Nakayama earned her Bachelor of Music in Piano and Harpsichord degree from the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University and Master of Music in Piano and Early Music/Harpsichord from Indiana University, where she was the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Rudolph Ganz Memorial Award, and Willi Apel Scholarship. She has studied piano with Ludmila Lazar, Shigeo Neriki, harpsichord with David Schrader, Elisabeth Wright, fortepiano with Elizabeth Wright and Kenneth Drake, chamber music with Rostislav Dubinsky, early chamber music with Stanley Ritchie, and conducting with Thomas Baldner and Imre Pallo. As a conductor, she has conducted Indiana University Symphony Orchestra, IU Ad-hoc Orchestra, IU Opera Workshops. Her love for vocal music and theater lead her to remain as one of the opera coaches for Indiana University Opera Theater for 6 years. Currently Ms. Nishikiori is an adjunct faculty member of the Carthage Music Department. She is a Juilliard School Dalcroze Institute certified instructor of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and often gives demonstrations and lectures to music teachers and students in the Midwest. She frequently performs as a member of Cecilia Trio, and also collaborates with greater Milwaukee and Chicago area artists.
MUSA 110 - Applied Piano
MUSA 111 - Applied Piano
MUSA 112 - Applied Organ
MUSA 113 - Applied Organ
MUSA 116 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSA 117 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSA 210 - Applied Piano
MUSA 211 - Applied Piano
MUSA 212 - Applied Organ
MUSA 213 - Applied Organ
MUSA 216 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSA 217 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSA 300 - Junior Recital
MUSA 310 - Applied Piano
MUSA 311 - Applied Piano
MUSA 312 - Applied Organ
MUSA 313 - Applied Organ
MUSA 316 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSA 317 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSA 410 - Applied Piano
MUSA 411 - Applied Piano
MUSA 412 - Applied Organ
MUSA 413 - Applied Organ
MUSA 416 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSA 417 - Applied Harpsichord
MUSP 151 - Class Piano II
MUSP 250 - Class Piano III-Music Educatrs
MUSP 251 - Class Piano IV For Choral Educ
MUSP 353 - Adv Kybrd Accmpn/Chmbr Mus Prf
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