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Complete your sociology degree from anywhere.

Sociology Degree Completion Program Online

Do you have an associate's degree or an unfinished 4-year degree? Time constraints, family or work commitments preventing you from reaching your goal of earning a sociology degree? UW-Parkside has a convenient, online degree completion path designed specifically for you!

What is the online degree completion program?

The online degree completion program is designed for students who would like to finish their degree solely online after completing the required pre-requisite courses. Because the program was created for students who have completed prior college credits, new students or students who do not meet the prerequisites will not be eligible to enroll in the online sociology degree completion program.

What are the prerequisites to start?

The online Bachelor of Arts in sociology degree completion program is designed for students who have completed:

1. An Associate of Science (AS), an Associate of Arts (AA), or an Associate of Arts and Science (AAS from UW-Colleges only) and the equivalent of MATH 111 (College Algebra 1).

If you are a degree-seeking transfer student holding an AAS from UW-Colleges AA degree, or AS degree from an accredited college-parallel liberal arts program, with a minimum of 45 transferable credits, you are exempt from UW-Parkside general education and skills requirements. Students with 90 or more transferable credits from an accredited liberal arts baccalaureate degree-granting college or university are also exempt.


2. Completion of the following:

  1. A minimum of 60 college credits
  2. Completion of the UW-Parkside Skills requirements
  3. Completion of the UW-Parkside Foreign Language requirements
  4. Completion of SOCA 101, Introduction to Sociology (or ANTH 100, Introduction to Anthroplogy)
  5. Completion of the UW-Parkside General Education requirements (Students who have fewer than 5 General Education Courses left to take may be considered for admission.)
  6. A minimum 2.25 GPA overall
    NOTE: Students already enrolled in the on-campus sociology major do not need to re-apply to the online program to take online courses, if they choose.

Please note an Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Applied Arts are degrees intended to prepare students for employment and will not waive the general education requirements. Students with an Applied Science or Applied Art Degree will be assessed using the same criteria above.


UW Colleges logoIf you have not completed the required courses, we have partnered with UW Colleges Online for students to earn an Associate of Arts and Science Degree (AAS) or complete their remaining required courses to be eligible to begin the Online Sociology Completion Degree.

What are the program requirements?

Earn your sociology degree online by completing the requirements listed on the program sheet.

Sociology coursework required for graduation:

  • 20 credits of core courses
    Core courses cover the basic theories and methods of sociology.
  • 18 credits of elective courses
    Elective courses are offered in four content areas (below). At least one course is required in each content area.
    • Criminology and Deviance
    • Family and Human Services
    • Race and Ethnic Relations
    • Urban Institutions and the Occupational World

Other graduation requirements:

  1. Complete 120 credits of college work. This must include 36 credits in courses numbered 300 or above. Certain elementary courses are identified in the catalog and/or course schedule as not counting toward the 120 credits required for graduation. In addition, only the first 8 credits of physical education activity courses (100 level) may be counted toward graduation or grade point averages (GPA).
  2. Earn a minimum of 30 of the final 60 credits toward an undergraduate degree at UW-Parkside. Individual departments and programs may require that certain courses must be taken at UW-Parkside. Students must complete all course work to be counted toward graduation by the end of the semester/subscription period in which they graduate.
  3. Attain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale.At least 10 credits of the other elective courses (outside of Sociology major electives) must be upper-level credits from any department (300-level or above). Other elective courses can be SOCA courses which were not counted as fulfilling the 18-credit SOCA Elective requirement. Other elective courses can be any other UW-Parkside course. Students are recommended to consult with the program director to fulfil their degree requirements. 
  4. Complete an approved major program of study with the minimum major GPA as specified by the program or department.  Students who apply transfer credits to their majors must also meet the minimum major GPA requirement on the combination of transfer credits and UW-Parkside credits. At least 15 credits of upper level course work (courses numbered 300 or higher) must be completed at UW-Parkside. A student may not graduate with an incomplete grade in major course work if failure in that course would reduce the GPA in the major below the minimum GPA.
  5. Meet UW-Parkside general university requirements.  This includes:
  1. Skills Requirements
  2. General Education Requirements
  3. Foreign Language Requirement
  4. Ethnic Diversity Requirement 
Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance

Please note students completing online courses will be charged an additional $65 per credit.   The online course technology fee helps fund the administration, evaluation, and support of online and blended learning at UW-Parkside.

Contact Info

Mita Banerjee, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director, Sociology Online Degree Completion Program
Department of Sociology
GRNQ 305
Phone: 262-595-3418
University of  Wisconsin-Parkside
900 Wood Road, Kenosha, WI  53144

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345

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