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At Parkside, we value giving students amazing opportunities at a reasonable cost. We offer tuition rates that are among the lowest in the UW-System, and each year we award more than $300,000 in scholarships to our students. (Learn more about our scholarships.)

Below are estimates based on 2019-2020 rates.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees
Full-time (annual)

In-state/full time: $7,443*
Out-of-state/full time: $15,713*
Minnesota Reciprocity: $8,685*

*Excludes Summer and Winterim sessions

View complete tuition and fee details.

Graduate Tuition and Fees
Full-time (annual)

In-state/full time: $9,173
Out-of-state/full time: $18,767

View complete tuition and fee details.

MBA program is charged a per credit fee, up to a maximum fee, in addition to regular graduate tuition. Programs offered entirely online are charged at a different rate.

Other Costs

Housing Costs (annual)  Double Single Super
Ranger Hall $4,678 $5,520 $5,944
University Apts $4,822 $5,730 -
Pike River Suites $5,138 $5,730 -

View complete room and board rates.

Dining Plan Costs (semester)
Plans range from $191 to $1,865. The most popular plan is the On Campus - Parkside Plus plan. 

View complete dining plans info.

Estimated Book Costs
Book costs, which vary based on major or program and enrollment level, are estimated to be about $700 annually.

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