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The pre-pathologists' assistant program at Parkside is designed to help you gain the necessary academic and professional requirements that will help you become a competitive candidate for professional pathology assistant schools. We offer exceptional learning opportunities in a small class setting which helps with your success.


If you are interested in the science of the cause and effects of diseases, and studying the structural and functional changes in a lab situation, the pre-pathologists' assistant path is for you. Become a trained health professional who works with a doctor of pathology to serve in many capacities such as specimen processing, departments liaison, and administrative roles. 

A University of Wisconsin Parkside Signature Program

The most common majors that students choose to complete their pathology assistant education are:


As a student in the pre-pathologists' assistant program you will receive

  • Assistance obtaining shadowing/internship experiences with local pathologists  
  • Help to ensure you are choosing the correct career pathway 
  • Experience that is required to gain acceptance into pathology school

Common science and math pre-requisite classes that are required by most Pathologists' Assistant programs

General Biology | BIOS 101 and 102 | 8 credits | 1 year

General Chemistry | CHEM 101 and 102 | 10 credits | 1 year

Organic Chemistry | CHEM 321, 322, and 323  | 11 credits | 1 year

Biochemistry | BIOS 307 | 3 credits | 1 semester

Anatomy | BIOS  300 | 4 credits | 1 semester

Physiology | BIOS 341 | 3 credits | 1 semester 

Microbiology | BIOS 303 | 4 credits | 1 semester 

Statistics | BIOS 210 | 4 credits | 1 semester 


Accredited pathology assistant school programs can be found at the National Pathology Assistant Association website


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