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Sociology Major

Curiosity about their environment often leads students to pursue sociology. "They want to understand what's happening to them and to understand the world around them," said Sociology Professor Mary Kay Schleiter. "They have some insights into how institutions affect people, and they want to make a difference in the world." 

As a Parkside sociology major, you'll graduate well-prepared to begin your career and leave the university with the confidence that comes from being closely involved with successful research projects and receiving positive feedback.

Parkside's sociology curriculum includes an understanding of theories and methods used by sociologists, as well as substantive areas to which these theories and methods are applied, allows for pursuit of a major or a minor, and it offers a variety of certificates that will make you well rounded for a successful 21st century career. 

Speak with a sociology professor today to discuss your academic and career plans in sociology. 

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What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of the interrelationship between the individual and the society. It examines the forces and factors that unite us in our shared experiences, perspectives, values, beliefs, and behaviors. The field explores such topics such as how technology as a part of our shared culture plays a role in both bringing us together and in isolating us. Sociology is also about the study of what divides us. The field looks at the intersection of race, class, gender, education, and what role they play in wealth and poverty, in prejudice and discrimination, in crime, law, and deviance. 

From a macro perspective, Sociology studies drivers of social change, population growth, migration, and globalization. It delves into the share of economic output in the private and public sector, share of women and men in the labor force, trends in urbanization, marriage, child rearing, national and religious affiliation, secularization, social causes of conflict and peace.    

What is Sociological Imagination?

The study of Sociology will help you appreciate how social forces shape our lives and the world around us. The field will challenge you to think from a fresh perspective, known as the sociological imagination. The sociological imagination, coined by C Wright Mills, is the ability to see how our individual experiences and worldview is both a function of the historical context and the immediate environment in which we live. The field will provide you with the tools to tie the private troubles of citizens to public issues to mitigate social change.     

What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

You will be seeking employment in an ever changing, increasingly global, and technology driven workplace. A successful candidate in this environment will need a core set of skills and abilities that can be applied in a wide range of job settings. A sociology major will equip you with the skills and knowledge sets that are sought after by employers. You will be trained to think critically, analyze and solve problems, work in teams that foster cooperation, communication, and creativity. You will work with diverse communities to foster a sense of multiculturism and inclusivity.    

A degree in sociology will help you develop the skills you need for a successful 21st-century career. As a sociology graduate, you will have a foundation for better understanding and engaging with the changing world. Given the scope and breadth of the field, employment opportunities are plenty.

Click here to see a list of some possible careers.

•    Alcohol and Substance Abuse
•    Marriage and Family Therapy
•    Mental Health Therapy

•    Rehabilitation
•    Case Management
•    Child and Youth Services
•    Recreation
•    Administration
•    Social Work
•    Local, State, Federal Agencies

•    Paralegal
•    Government
•    Business

•    Community Health Worker
•    Substance Abuse Education
•    Rehabilitation counseling
•    Hospital admissions
•    Insurance industry

•    Admissions
•    Advising
•    Alumni relations
•    Administrative support

A recent survey of Sociology graduates conducted by the American Sociological Association (ASA) stated that students found employment in the following sectors as well

•    Diversity Trainer
•    Public Relations
•    Marketing and Sales
•    Consumer Research
•    Human Resources
•    Insurance
•    Real Estate
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Leadership & Management

•    Law enforcement
•    Probation and Parole Administration
•    Investigations
•    Judicial Affairs
•    Attorney
•    Paralegal

•    Elementary
•    Secondary
•    Special Education
•    Teaching English as a second language

•    Professional Writing
•    Research
•    Editing
•    Journalism
•    Social Media

Amazing Results

Tessa Brown began to envision herself as a college student when she had an opportunity to tour Parkside. "I knew I wanted to be able to help people from a clinical perspective," she said. "I felt that I could make a difference." Brown realized where she could fit in. The city of Racine has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation and that motivated Tessa to start her own nonprofit organization while still at Parkside. Foundations of Life works with teen parents and their families to empower them through education, and jobs. 

Brown's agency has already made a strong impact. Research reveals that 1 in 4 teen moms will have a second child before their baby is one year old. Teens served by Brown's Foundations of Life have not had subsequent pregnancies, leading to a 100% success rate for the non-profit organization. "That's a huge outcome for us. Our approach is working," Brown said. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D while continuing to serve the community. 

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