Wyllie Market

If you find yourself on the south end of campus with a growling stomach, Wyllie Market has got you covered. Wyllie Market has been a staple in Wyllie Hall for years and is full of fast, convenient, and fresh dining options for students on the go.

Featuring ERBERT & GERBERT'S and a Starbucks Coffee Station, stop by for fresh subs, hot coffee, and all the " Simply-to-Go" favorites you love from the Brickstone Grill & Eatery. It is stocked daily with the freshest baked goods. Also, just like any convenience store, you'll find all your favorite snacks, sodas, treats and apartment staples like condiments, bread, and even cereal.

Wyllie Market's ERBERT & GERBERT'S features all your favorite sub combinations and delicious hot soups. 

ERBERT & GERBERT'S Menu & Nutritional Info.

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345

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