Creating an Elevator Pitch

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"Tell me about yourself" is likely to be the first question asked of you in an interview. Use the guide below to outline and develop a well-rehearsed summary. The ability to highlight your strengths and most significant experiences could make you an ideal candidate.

Use the following survey to create your Elevator Pitch:


Review the list of skills and identify whether:

  • You have gained that skill in your unpaid and paid work experience(s)
  • You perform that skill at a high level of proficiency
  • It is a skill you enjoy using

 Identify alternative courses of action

 Set realistic goals

 Predict future trends and patterns

 Accommodate multiple demands for commitment of time, energy and resources

 Assess needs

 Set priorities

 Work under time and environmental pressures

 Classify, record, file, or retrieve

 Apply information creatively to specific problems or tasks

 Synthesize facts, concepts, and principles

 Evaluate information against appropriate standards

 Organize, tabulate or compare data

 Promote a product or idea

 Influence and motivate others

Use various forms and styles of written communication

 Speak clearly and effectively to individuals and groups

Use media formats to present ideas imaginatively

 Understand the importance of body language and eye contact

Edit the work of others

 Define, translate, interpret, explain

 Interview others

 Adapt speaking style and media to audience to achieve desired results

 Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint

 Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML

 Programming: .NET, VB.NET, C#, JAVA, PERL

 Databases: AS400, Crystal Reports, Oracle, PL/SQL, Sybase

 Social networking – posting & analytics

 Help Desk

 Inspire others toward the achievement of a common goal

 Foster group cooperation and support

 Delegate tasks and responsibilities with clear goals

 Interact effectively with colleagues and supervisors

 Develop rapport and trust

 Provide information with tact/discretion

 Cooperate and participate in a team

 Counsel, advise or give feedback

 Provide care

 Design an experiment, plan, or model that systematically defines a problem

 Identify information sources appropriate to special needs or problems

 Formulate questions relevant to clarify a particular problem, topic or issue

Teach a skill, concept or principles to others

 Facilitate group discussions

 Design educational materials

 Explain and illustrate through examples


 Invent, improvise, or experiment

 Synthesize, integrate ideas

 Design, illustrate, draw, draft

 Compose or author

 Perform or act

 Create innovative solutions to complex problems

 Identify people who can contribute to solution or task

 Identify resource materials useful in the solution of a problem

 Organize people and tasks to achieve specific goals

 Show consistency in problem-solving and root cause analysis

 Guide, inspire, motivate, and lead others


 Approve and validate information

 Represent a group to others

 Identify critical issues quickly and accurately when making decisions and solving issues

 Identify a general principle that explains interrelated experiences or factual data

 Clarify problems or situations

 Evaluate and critique

 Identify reasonable criteria for assessing the value or appropriateness of an action or behavior

 Adapt to changing conventions and norms

 Apply appropriate criteria to strategies and action plans

 Follow detailed instructions

 Design, mold, shape

 Build, construct, assemble, install

 Repair, maintain, troubleshoot

 Estimate, assess, appraise, screen

 Experiment, pilot or test

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