Terms and Conditions

All students are required to review and complete the Terms and Conditions Agreement prior to registration(enrollment) each term.  A hold preventing registration (enrollment) will be on the student account until this task is complete.

Students complete the Terms & Conditions agreement in their SOLAR account

  • Login to SOLAR
  • Click on the Tasks Tile
  • Click Terms and Conditions (in the To do List section of SOLAR)
  • Read through Terms and Conditions, click  Accept, click Save, click Next
  • Indicate your marital status, click Submit, click Next
  • Click Finish.

After you click Finish, Your Terms and Conditions hold will be removed from your SOLAR account. For a step by step visual guide on How to accept Terms and Conditions in SOLAR, click here.

Terms and Conditions Agreement
By agreeing to the terms and condition, I am entering into this Agreement, which will become effective on the date and time I agree to the terms and conditions of this credit agreement (“LOAN”).

I would like to enroll in and attend classes at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

At its discretion, UW-Parkside would like to provide certain educational services to me, including, but not limited to classes and coursework, books, parking, housing, and meal plans, student health fees, drop fees, and miscellaneous fees.

In order to attend classes at UW-Parkside, UW-Parkside requires that I pay in full the amount of any fees, tuition, books, parking, housing and meal plan costs, student health fees, drop fees, and other miscellaneous charges incurred in connection with my attendance at UW-Parkside, on the dates indicated by UW-Parkside for each semester (each such due date, a “Fee Due Date”).

UW-Parkside will provide me with access to an on-line “SOLAR” account. Through my “SOLAR” account, among other things, I will be able to register for classes, access my grades and class schedule, view billing information, including amounts owed by me to UW-Parkside and the Fee Due Date for such amounts, and view the status of any financial aid I may be entitled to receive.

Although all amounts owed are payable on the relevant Fee Due Date indicated for such amounts in “SOLAR”, UW-Parkside recognizes that students, including myself, may not make such payments in full on the relevant Fee Due Dates for each semester.  At its discretion and if certain requirements are met, UW-Parkside would like to extend credit to me to allow me to pay certain past due amounts pursuant to an installment payment plan as detailed below (the “Payment Plan”).  Fees, tuition, books, parking, room, and meal plan costs are eligible for placement on the Payment Plan.  

The Payment Plan will allow me to make payments in installments throughout the semester in the semester. A $45.00 Payment Plan Fee will be assessed on all amounts placed on the Installment Payment Plan.  However, interest or other finance charges will not be assessed on any amounts placed on the Installment Payment Plan unless and until any such installment payment becomes past due.

I am being asked to sign this Agreement now so that, in the event that I am unable to pay the entire balance of fees, tuition, books, parking, room, and meal plans by the Fee Due Date or enter into a Payment Plan for any fall or spring semester, UW-Parkside will charge me a Late Payment Fee of $6.25 per credit, not to exceed $75.00.  

The consequences of failure to pay amounts owed by the relevant Fee Due Dates are outlined in the provisions below.

In consideration of the extension of credit to me, from time to time, by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, on behalf of UW-Parkside, I hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:

1. Payment Plan—not available to drop for non-payment programs: I agree that UW-Parkside will allow me to make payments in three installments in a semester at a cost of $45.00 for each semester I enter into the university Payment Plan
(i) Payment Plans are only available for the fall and spring semesters, are not available to drop for non-payment programs, and only costs incurred for fees, tuition, books, parking, room and meal plans for each semester may be placed on an Installment Payment Plan.

(ii) At its discretion, UW-Parkside may allow me to be placed on the Payment Plan after the published fee due date for the relevant semester.

(iii) A $6.25/credit, not to exceed $75.00 administrative fee (“Late Fee”) will be added to my account if any  installment is not paid by the established payment plan installment due date.

(iv) A Payment Plan for any given semester consists of three required installment payments. The installment payments are due based on the tuition start date. (check your Cashnet  account for due dates or contact the Cashier’s Office)

(v) The first installment payment must be paid on the first installment due date, plus the Payment Plan Fee which is due no later than the first installment due date.  If the total of any amounts placed on the   Payment Plan changes, UW-Parkside will adjust the installment amounts accordingly.  At its discretion, UW-Parkside may allocate any adjusted amounts to one or all installment due dates.

(vi) In the event I do not make an installment payment by the published Due Date, UW-Parkside will assess a Late Fee of $6.25 per credit, not to exceed $75.00 per semester.  Any amounts due and unpaid by any Payment Plan due date after the first Payment Plan due date will accrue interest as indicated in section 2(ii) from such date.  (Amounts placed on the installment plan will not accrue interest unless and until an installment payment is missed.)

(vii) UW-Parkside has the right to deny participation in any Payment Plan for any semester without further notice to me.

2. Finance Charges & Amounts Owed.  I agree to pay:

(i) The amount of any and all fees, tuition, books, parking, housing, and meal plan charges, and any other charges related to UW-Parkside’s provision of educational services to me, assessed by UW-Parkside and charged to my “SOLAR” account.

(ii) Interest on any unpaid principal amount of any and all fees, tuition, housing, and meal plan charges and other charges related to UW-Parkside’s  provision of education services to me, from the Fee Due Date of each such amount (as indicated in “SOLAR ”), until such principal amount shall be paid in full, at a rate of 12 % per year (1% per month); provided, however, that interest will not accrue on any amounts placed on a Payment Plan until the due dates indicated in the  Payment Plan.

(iii) Any other late charges (“Late Fees”) and collection fees (“Collection Fees”) that may become due as provided in this Agreement.

3.   “SOLAR” & Published Fees.   I agree to use my “SOLAR” account to obtain the most accurate and current information regarding any amounts owed and Fee Due Dates, to check that account monthly, and to read the on-line published fee fact information sheet located at the Bursar’s website (https://www.uwp.edu/live/offices/cashiersoffice/payments.cfm) each semester for additional Installment Payment Plan, date and payment information.

4.   Course Cancellation & Registration Hold.    I understand that my failure to pay any amounts assessed by UW-Parkside, when due, may result in my registration for courses being cancelled without further advance notice, and that registration and enrollment for future semesters may not be permitted unless my account balance is current.

5.   Restriction of Records.   I hereby authorize the UW-Parkside Registrar to restrict the use of my records to prevent my registration and to withhold my transcripts in the event that I fail to timely comply with the payment obligations of this Agreement. 

6.  Student Services     In the event that I fail to timely comply with the payment obligation of this agreement, I understand that my access to student services on the UW-Parkside campus may be suspended until such payment obligations are satisfied.  Student services include use of a campus ID card, access to a student e-mail account, and access to campus facilities.

7.   Financial Aid.  I understand that if I receive any type of federal financial aid (including Stafford loans and/or PLUS loans) and then withdraw from UW-Parkside or reduce my credit load, my financial aid eligibility may be re-calculated.  A percentage of the aid I received may be considered unearned and may have to be returned to the funding source and I will be billed for that amount and any outstanding educational benefit overpayment.  At its discretion, UW-Parkside may allow me to repay this amount in installments but I understand that I may be assessed finance charges on this balance until it is repaid in full.

8.   Default.   If I fail to make any payment when due, UW-Parkside may declare the entire balance of any amounts owed (including principal, interest, late charges and collection fees) to be due and payable within 15 days after giving me written notice of such default if I fail to make the payment that is due, within that same 15 day period.

9.   Authorization.  I authorize UW-Parkside and their respective agents and contractors to contact me regarding my loan(s) request(s), including repayment of my loan(s), at the current or any future number that I provide for my cellular phone or other wireless device using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or test messages. 

10. Changes to Terms.   UW-Parkside has the right to unilaterally make changes affecting the future terms of my account, including finance charges to be imposed, by mailing to me at my last known address notice of any such changes prior to their effective dates.  Any such changes will only apply to future extensions of credit.

11. Prepayment.  I may pay the remaining balance on my account or more than the minimum payment at any time to avoid or reduce future finance charges.

12.  Term of Agreement.   This Agreement is effective as of the date signed below and will continue to be in effect throughout my time of study at UW-Parkside. 

13.  Changes to Contact Information.   I agree to inform the school of any change in my name, address, telephone number, or Social Security number in a timely manner.

14. Waiver of Notices, etc.   I hereby expressly and severally waive by myself as the debtor, demand of payment, presentment for payment, notice of dishonor, notice of non-payment, and all other notices except those required by law, and I further agree that this agreement is controlled by the holding of Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System v. Mussallem 94 Wis.2d 657, 289 N.W. 2d 801 (1980), and that UW-Parkside may, without notice to myself as the debtor, and without affecting the liability of myself as the debtor, renew and/or extend this agreement, accept partial payment thereon, or settle or compromise the amount due or owing.

15. Release of Information.   I am hereby being given notice and give my consent, as may be required by law, (i) to allow UW-Parkside, at its option, to report favorable and unfavorable credit information pertaining to myself (i.e., credit ratings, etc.) to credit bureaus and other non-campus third parties and, (ii) in the conduct of its credit granting and collection activities, to release my Social Security Number to non-campus third parties.

16. Collection Fees & Late Fees   In the event that I fail to timely comply with the payment obligations detailed in this Agreement, I further agree to pay all fees of collection incurred by UW-Parkside including, but not limited to, collection agency fees, credit bureau fees, legal filing fees, service of process fees, publication fees, witness fees, reasonable attorney fees and recording fees and to pay any late fees assessed by UW-Parkside. No collection agency fees are to exceed one-third the amount sought to be collected. I also understand that UW-Parkside may certify my past due balance to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and make a claim for the total due against refunds, overpayments, lottery payments, or vendor payments owed me by the Department of Revenue or Department of Administration.

17. Marital Property Act.   If I am married, I agree that any credit obligations incurred in connection with the Agreement will be incurred in the interest of my marriage or family.  Further, I understand that no provision of a marital property agreement, a unilateral statement under Wisconsin Statute §766.59, or a court decree under Wisconsin Statute §766.70 adversely affects the interest of UW-Parkside as a creditor unless UW-Parkside, prior to the time credit is granted, is furnished with a copy of the agreement, statement or decree or has actual knowledge of the adverse provision when the obligation to UW-Parkside is incurred.  I understand that if I wish to have a marital property agreement, unilateral statement or court decree considered in connection with the extension of credit under this Agreement, that I will enclose a copy of it with this Agreement.

In order to comply with the provisions of the Wisconsin Marital Property Act, I understand that it is necessary for me to provide the below information so that notice of the extension of credit can be provided to my spouse in the event that I am married:

Marital Status: (check one)   __ Unmarried     __ Married   __ Legally Separated 

If Married:   
Spouse’s Name: ________________________________
Spouse’s Address: _________________________________________________________________

By signing below, I agree that I have read and understand the terms of this Agreement, agree that I will be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein, and certify that the information contained in Section 15 is true, complete and correct.


Revised 05/25/16



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