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Your Term Grade Point Average

Calculating Your G.P.A. 

Each letter grade carriers a certain number of quality points per credit.  For Example,  a grade of "B" is worth three quality points per credit.  If you received a "B" in a 3 credit course, you would have earned a total of 9 quality points.  Your semester GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points earned in the semester by the total number of credits attempted.       

              Grade Quality Points Per Credit
   A  4.00
   A-  3.67
   B+  3.33
   B  3.00
   B-  2.67
   C+  2.33
   C  2.00
   C-  1.67
   D+  1.33
   D  1.00
   D-  0.67
   F  0.00


 Course Credits  Grade/Quality Points  Total Quality Points 
 English 101 A/4.000 12.000
 Math 111 C/2.000   8.000
 Psych 101 3 B+/3.330   9.990
 Total 10   29.990

Total Quality Points/ Total Credits =   Term G.P.A.     

29.990 Total Quality Points/ 10 Total Credits=  2.999

NOTE: G.P.A. calculation truncates after three decimal places (i.e. 2.999 is 2.999 and does not get rounded to 3.000)          


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