Organization and Advisor Handbook

View/Download the 2018-2019 Student Organization & Advisor Handbook

This handbook has been created to support new and established student organizations by providing information on University policies and procedures that govern student organizations. A student organization should not assume that any activity not specifically restricted by University regulations is permitted. If there is any doubt as to the appropriateness of the activity, please contact the Campus Activities & Engagement office for advice.

Consult the Handbook for information regarding:

  • Registering a new student organization or obtaining University Recognition for a standing organization
  • Privileges of recognized student organizations
  • Student organization financial management, including appropriate and Inappropriate Segregated University Fee Expenditures
  • Services and resources for student organizations
  • University policies and procedures relating to student organizations including:
    • Alcohol Use Policy
    • Campus Raffle Policy
    • Dance, Party, and Other Event Policy & Procedures
    • Student Involvement Center Policy
    • Motion Picture Viewing Policy

For more information, or for clarification, please contact the Campus Activities & Engagement office.


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