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What is Brainstorming?
Brainstorming is a way to compile a list of ideas on a specific subject and encourage greater involvement of members.

Benefits of Brainstorming

  • Documents what a group knows collectively.
  • Creativity is stimulated.
  • Everyone gets involved.

How to Brainstorm

  • Leader reviews/clarifies the subject.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Take turns offering ideas.
  • Leader records each idea on a board, while a recorder writes them down.
  • Emphasis is on quantity of ideas.
  • Procedure continues until participants run out of ideas.
  • Leader concludes session by asking for last thoughts before moving on.

Rules for Brainstorming

  • One brief, clear statement at a time.
  • Ideas offered in turn only.
  • No criticism, comments, discussion, questions or praise as ideas are presented.
  • Flow moves quickly from one person to the next.
  • Participants “pass” if they have no thought.
  • Any idea is acceptable.
  • Have Fun!


  • Discuss points in question.
  • Combine duplicate ideas.
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  • Food for all events and meetings needs to be ordered from Catering in accordance with the University contract. Exemptions may be granted upon request. A written warning and/or loss of University recognition may occur upon policy violation.
  • Make your room reservation via VEMS. For The Den, University Ballroom and Main Place contact Reservations at the Student Center Campus Concierge first to make your reservation.
  • A copy of the catering reservation confirmation will be sent to Campus Activities & Engagement for approval.
  • Meet with the Catering Manager, located at the Student Center, 209, to order food.

If catering is being paid for with Private Account money, then:

  • Check the account (before the event) to make sure there is enough money to cover the bill.
  • After the event the bill will be sent to Campus Activities & Engagement which will process a Check Request from the organization’s Private Account to pay the bill.

If the catering is being paid with Segregated Fee money, then:

  • Submit a copy of the promotion to Campus Activities & Engagement prior to the date of the event.
  • Advertisement/marketing must state “free food”, or that refreshments or meals are provided.
  • Submit a list of event attendees to the Campus Activities & Engagement within 48 hours following the event.
  • After the event the bill will be sent to Campus Activities & Engagement for approval.
  • All catering charges will be paid for out of the organization’s Private Account if the paperwork is not in order.

If problems were encountered with the catering event:

  • Speak with the Catering Director immediately to resolve any issues. Catering invoices within one week of the event, so it is important to resolve problems in a timely manner.

For more info:

  • Administrative Policy 21:

http://www.uwp.edu/explore/ offices/governance/policy21.cfm

  • The complete policy is UWSA-FPPP36 and can be found at:

http://www.uwsa.edu/fadmin/ meetguid/foodbev.htm

Or Contact the Following for Assistance:

  • Reservations VEMS (24/7 on-line access)
  • For The Den, Main Place, University Ballroom call Reservations Ph: 595-2307 or reservations@uwp.edu
  • Campus Activities & Engagement Student Center, L104 Ph: 595-2278 or universityactivities@uwp.edu
  • Catering Manager Student Center, 209 Ph: 595-2346 Catering@uwp.edu

Additional Resource:

  • Ranger Guide to Shoestring Catering (available from Campus Activities & Engagement) A low cost, no-frills option for registered student organizations!
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Copyright Facts

  • Copyright laws in the U.S. protect works even if they are not registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and even if they do not carry the copyright symbol (©)
  • Copyrighted works may be in print, video, electronic or digital form and include, but are not limited to, books, magazines, newspapers, printed articles from publications, TV and radio programs, DVD’s, music performances, photographs, databases and World Wide Web pages.
  • Anyone wishing to exhibit a motion picture must produce factual information as to where the license was obtained. Willful infringement is a federal crime. Not only is the sponsoring group responsible, but the University itself. Since colleges and universities are the most frequent violators they are closely monitored

Due to ASCAP/BMI licensing, all music and over-theair programs must be purchased through a licensed vendor

There are two options available for showing a motion picture on the UW-Parkside campus.

  • Option One: Obtain a Public Performance License for the film to be exhibited. Speak with Campus Activities & Engagement to obtain this license.
  • Option Two: Educational Exemption. To obtain this exemption, there are six points to be met. Most student organizations wishing to show movies will need to obtain a Public Performance License (option one).
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1. Log in to Campus Connect.
2. Go to your organization’s page.
3. Click on Elections on the left side of the page.
4. Click the “Create Election” button.
5. Identify the Name of the election, if it should include instructions, and any additional instructions that should be included.
6. Indicate if the election should be active and the date range you’d like the election to be available during.

** Once the election is set to Active and it falls within the date range, a prompt will display on the main page of your community or organization-specific site for eligible users to vote. **

7. Indicate if the election is for Members Only.
8. Click “Save”. You can create as many ballots as needed. Each ballot can be accessible to the general user population or any number of the eligibility lists. A user will see each ballot they are designated to see.
9. Click “Create Ballot”.
10. Enter the name of the ballot.
11. Indicate if this ballot should be available to all users by clicking on Enable or Disable.
IF you disable the general access, THEN:
12. Indicate for each Eligibility List who should access this ballot:

  • Allow: allows the users on the list can access the ballot
  • Deny: users cannot access the ballot and supersedes an allow list
  • Ignore: the list will not be used for the ballot

13. Click “Save” when all access has been identified.

** You are now taken to our form builder, with limited question types. Please see refer to the Campus Connect Student User Guide for complete instructions on creating/editing questions. **
** You can always access the ballot title and eligibility list settings via the “Properties” tab when first accessing the election. **

14. Click “Ballots” when you have created all of the questions for this ballot. Confirm action.
15. Repeat steps 9-13 for each ballot needed. You have now built your election. Be sure that it is set to Active so that the prompt will display on the main page of your organization's site for members to vote.

If you have any questions, or would like help setting up an organization election, contact Campus Activities & Engagement.
Additional resources:

  • Campus Connect Student Leader Use Guide (available from Campus Activities & Engagement)
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1. To place an order for printed materials related to student organization business, go to https://www.uwp.edu/explore/offices/creativeservices/ and use the “Student Organization Store Front” link.
2. Log in using your organization’s e-mail and the password assigned to your organization’s Creative Services account. See Campus Activities & Engagement to obtain the password.
3. Select the type of printing you need, select quantity and size, and upload your image as a PDF.
4. Name the job (makes it easy to distinguished between orders).
5. Click “Add to Cart” and then “Proceed to Checkout.”
6. Provide a contact name and number.
7. For organizations with segregated fee accounts, the order will be directly charged back to the account. For all other organizations, the order will be invoiced to the private account. If you wish to pay cash, please type “cash” in the chargeback box.
8. Click “Place Your Order.”
9. Correspondence from Creative Services will be directed to your organization’s e-mail.

Additional resources:

  • Organization Tip: Marketing and Promotion Design (for guidelines and tips on designing and displaying promotion)
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Delegation is giving others the authority to act on your behalf, accompanied with responsibility and accountability for results.

Benefits of Delegation

  • Get rid of unnecessary stress by sharing the load
  • Members become more involved and committed
  • Members develop their own leadership skills and are prepared to take on increasing levels of responsibility

Effective Delegation occurs when a leader matches a member’s interest and capability with an appropriate task to be accomplished

Involves 3 Skills:

  • Trust- you must believe in the people you delegate to
  • Honesty- you must be honest about your expectations of others
  • Communication- you must clearly articulate what needs to be done

Eight Rules for Delegating Authority:
1. Choose the appropriate person for the job.
2. Share the “big picture” – how will the task contribute to the larger project?
3. Discuss ideas and set goals collectively
4. Define responsibilities
5. Articulate how you will provide help and support
6. Let go and let them do their job!
7. Follow-up with them
8. Evaluate delegation process and lay out improvements for next year

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  • To give you and your members a shared sense of how things work in the organization
  • To provide consistent organizational leader ship, as it will be passed on to future officers

What Should a Constitution Include?
A constitution ought to be clearly understood by anyone reading it. He or she should be able to answer the following kinds of questions upon reading it:

  • What is the name and purpose of this group?
  • Who can be members and what are their rights and responsibilities?
  • Who can be officers and what are their duties?
  • Generally, when and how are members and officers selected or re-elected?
  • If the need arises, how are officers or members removed? • How are meetings called and how are they run?
  • Will there be standing committees? How will they be established and what are their duties?
  • Are there Bylaws or operating proce dures?
  •  How can the constitution, Bylaws and operating procedures be amended?

Important Terms Defined
Quorum- minimum number of members that must be present in order to conduct business.

  • Ex. one-third, one-half, two-thirds, etc. of total membership
  • Define a quorum to hold meetings, take votes, elect officers, etc (can vary depending on business taking place)

Parliamentary Authority – a system of maintaining order within organizations that provides an approved and uniform method of conducting meetings.


  • A document that further defines the Constitution and provides detailed procedures a group must follow to conduct business in an orderly manner.
  • Can be changed more easily as the needs of the organization change
  • Most organizations do not need bylaws. Use bylaws if there is more than one area that would change each year (ex. meeting times, appointed officers, election procedures, etc)

Reviewing and Revising the Constitution
Writing or reviewing your group's constitution is a great opportunity to refine your mission, officer responsibilities, meeting rules, and membership requirements.


  • Revisions must be approved by the organization in the manner described in the Constitution
  • The United States’ Constitution has aver aged an amendment every decade, so if you are changing yours every year, you may be getting into too much detail

When should it be done?

  • When questions arise about the activities or mission of the group
  • With outgoing and incoming officers each year, or as changes occur within the organization

All Constitutions of recognized student organizations must be in compliance with related policies outlined in the Student Organization and Advisor Handbook, including:

  • There must be at least four officer positions held by UW-Parkside students
  • Officers must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 and be in good academic standing, and are required to take a minimum of 6 non-audit credits at UW-Parkside
  • Non-discrimination Policy: organization is open to all UW-Parkside students, and does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or any other such factors.
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The Process — Only Three Steps!!

Step 1- Meet with a Campus Activities & Engagement staff member. Office located at Student Center L104, x2278.

Before this meeting, you should:

  • Draft a mission statement, including organiza tion goals and purpose, as well as intended activities.
  • Log into Campus Connect to browse existing student organizations.
  • Recruit four members for the organization.

**Only student organizations that do not replicate the purpose or mission of an existing student organization will be granted Recognition.**

During this meeting, you will:

  • Review the intended purpose and mission.
  • Review the requirements for and privileges of University Recognition.
  • Create an Organization page on Campus Connect.

**In order to uphold University Recognition, student organizations are required to maintain their Campus Connect pages.**

Step 2- Complete the Organization Registration on Campus Connect. (Primary Contact only)

As part of this process, you will be prompted to:

  • List the date of your next officer elections.
  • Upload new or updated Constitution and Bylaws. (See Constitution Construction Guide for assistance.)
  • Update Officer positions on Organization Page. (See How to Manage Roster for help.)
    • For academic organizations & honoraries: send link of Advisor Agreement Form to advisor.
    • For all other organizations: agree to the Group Advising Model (can be found in the “Documents” Section of the Campus Activities & Engagement Campus Connect page).

Step 3- Submit the following forms:

  • A Private Account Authorization Form
  • A roster of current membership that includes executive board members and positions (must have four members for Recognition).

Other Requirements:

  • Complete Organization Profile and update meeting time and location on Campus Connect.
  • Attend mandatory Risk & Liability Training – held as part of Leadership Retreat in Fall.
    • Once all requirements are completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming the organization’s Recognition.
    • In order to maintain Recognition, the aforemen- tioned requirements must be completed annu- ally in May (exact date set by Campus Activities & Engagement).

What Happens Next:

  • Once Recognized, your organization will receive all privileges of University Recognition (see back).
  • An e-mail list serv will be set up for the organization. Submit an E-mail Account Authorization Form to add members to the list serv. Your organization will be granted access to Virtual Event Management System (for room reservations).
  • Your organization will receive a code to make copies in the Student Involvement Center (SIC), and a mailbox in the SIC.

Privileges of University Recognition include (but are not limited to):

  • Organization assistance and resources
  • University risk and liability coverage for organization business. Being able to promote events and the organization on campus. Space reservation priorities and special rates.
  • Financial management assistance and services.
  • Entertainment and service assistance.
  • Travel assistance and use of state contract vehicles.
  • Use of Student Involvement Center and its resources.
  • Use of phones and mailing address for University business. Fundraising and raffle opportunities.
  • Use of printing and graphic design, and mail services.
  • Use of UW-Parkside logo.

For more information:

  • Student Organization & Advisor Handbook (policies and procedures related to student organizations)
  • Fundraising Manual for Student Organizations
  • Organization Tips (huge variety of topics from A-Z)
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A Goal…

  • Is something you would like to achieve
  • provides direction with the intent of improving performance
  • clarify and communicate what you are striving for

Goals Should be SMART

  • Specific – You must be able to describe/envision it.
  • Measurable – are you able to demonstrate how you met the goal?
  • Achievable – is your goal within reach?
  • Relevant – how does your goals align to your objectives?
  • Timely – The goal must be set within a timeframe, and be aligned with specific deadlines.

The Goal Setting Process

  • Have a plan and a way to get there. What is your goal? What specific things are you going to do to reach it? By when?
  • Have a way to check your progress. How will you know if your goal is working? When will check in with yourself?
  • Have a way to hold yourself accountable. What will happen if you don't do what you promised yourself you'd do? What will you change?
  • Have a way to adapt to change. What will you do to adjust to change or when things don’t go as planned?
  • Have rewards built in along the way. Don't forget to reward yourself for reaching mini- goals along the way to reaching your big goals!
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Ideas to wake up any Meeting

  • Start each meeting with an ice breaker.
  • Make the meeting’s purpose specific.
  • Skip meetings that don’t require Interaction (use email etc.)
  • Rotate meeting roles.
  • Create a sense of urgency by keeping the time tight.
  • Create silly rituals such as ringing a bell when somebody says something that’s not pertinent to the meeting’s purpose.

Common Goals of Meetings

  • EXCHANGE information
  • SOLVE problems
  • MAKE decisions
  • SHARE concerns
  • EXPLAIN issues

For more information stop by the Campus Activities & Engagement office SCTR L104

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UW-Parkside’s Campus Policy on Posting Promotional Material
1. Promotions 8.5” x 14” or smaller can be hung on bulletin boards.
2. Promotions 8.5” x 14” and 11" x 17", may be hung on posting strips
3. Banners must be larger than 3’ x 6’. They must be hung by Student Activities in one of three designated spots.
4. All posters or flyers must clearly indicate the university organization that is sponsoring the event (“Sponsored by” or “Presented By”).
5. Student organizations, academic departments, faculty and staff may post on the classroom bulletin boards (25 boards). No size restriction needed.
6. Public posting bulletin boards are designated as For Sale, Rides/Riders Wanted, and Public Notices boards. Postings are located at:

  • Parkside Student Center: ground level next to the WIPZ Radio Station
  • Wyllie Hall: on the concourse across from Women’s Center
  • Molinaro Hall: ground level underneath the Bridge

7. Posters and flyers may not be attached to windows, doors, floors, trees, display cases or any other part of the University grounds. No posters or flyers are to be strewn about the main concourse on the furniture or floors.
8. No type of publicity material is to be placed within eight feet of all framed pictures, plaques and sculptures.

  • Material which could be considered as racially, sexually, or otherwise offensive, may not be posted.
  • Material which implies the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs will not be approved.
  • Bulletin Boards may be used for posting information if it is of general interest to the campus community.
  • All posters and flyers placed in unauthorized locations will be taken down.
  • Due to limited space, the University reserves the right to limit the distribution of any and all promotion materials.

Promo Do’s and Don't's

  • Do: Include the current UW-Parkside logo on all promotion material. If you are sending your promo to print at Creative Services, they will not print without it!
  • Don’t: Change the UW-Parkside logo in any way! Do not rotate, flip, scale, crop, add effects, etc. to the logo. You may change the color, but only to black, white, or forest/dark green (Pantone PMS 3435). Do: If food will be provided, and will be paid for by 128 funds, posters must reflect that fact.
  • Do: Make your own promotion in the Student Involvement Center Promotions Room (SCTR L101).
  • Don’t: Leave your mess for others to clean up! If you use the Promotion Room, put away and return the things you use.
  • Do: Use Creative Services for your poster, flyer, and printing needs. If you have questions, go online to: www.uwp.edu/departments/creative.services/ Do: Talk to the student organization Graphic Designer for help and designs (SCTR L104). If you have questions on what your promo needs or making promo
  • Don’t: Wait until the last minute to request promo! The student organization Graphic Designer is a busy student just like you, and may have other projects to work on. Creative Services needs at least 48 hours for print orders to be completed. Plan your promotion to be completed and printed at least 1 week before the event.
  • Do: Rent Bridge windows and tables on VEMS.
  • Do: Create promo for the Student Center digital screens. E-mail a 1280px by 720px .jpg image to Student Activities at universityactivities@uwp.edu
  • Do: Open a Promotion Director position in your organization. Recruit new members who enjoy creative design to make original and eye catching promo.

Best Practices in Format/Design

  • Do: Use color sparingly.
  • Don’t: Use too many fonts.
  • Do: Proofread. Have a second person read your work before publishing.
  • Do: Double check all promo to make sure it includes the date, time, location, and sponsored by.
  • Don’t: Use copyrighted images or other logos without permission! Abide by copyright laws!

For more information:

  • Complete Campus Posting Policy (available in Student Organization and Advisor handbook)
  • Copyright Policy Organization Tip
  • UW-P Creative services website: creative.uwp.edu/category
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Recruiting New Members

  • Have a reason for their involvement
  • Keep your organization’s goals and purpose in mind
  • Attend the Involvement fair
  • Have a mission statement

Retaining New Members

  • Make new members feel welcome
  • Know and use everyone’s name
  • Discourage cliques
  • Give new members some direction ask for their input
  • Create opportunities for members to share

Motivating Members

  • Give responsibility to others
  • Communicate and listen effectively
  • Praise efforts of others
  • Give attention to the individual
  • Match abilities to tasks
  • Build on achievements and all successes
  • Involve them in the decision-making process
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Techniques For Improving Teamwork

  • Establish team goals with all team members.
  • Organize and plan for the future.
  • Take time to get to know members.
  • Build a motivating environment.
  • Lead and work with a positive attitude.
  • Share a commitment with one another to do your best.
  • Open up communication lines.
  • Build a sense of trust and belonging in the team.
  • Encourage new ideas.
  • Support all members.
  • Everyone is involved through some role.
  • Continue to strive to be the best team possible.
  • Think of the possibilities, not limitations.
  • Reward and celebrate together

Team Evaluation ~ How are You Doing?
0-Never, 1-Rarely, 2-Sometimes, 3-Often, 4-Usually, 5-Always

___ Goals are established and clear to all
___ There is honesty and openness
___ All members feel part of the team
___ Relationships of trust exist
___ Members are free to be themselves
___ Members are actively involved
___ Members hold a positive attitude
___ Decision-making is a group activity
___ Members do their best for the team
___ Members take pride in the team
___ The team recognizes and rewards

Total: ______

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7 Practical Time management Tips for College Students
1. Wake up an hour earlier
2. Set reminders
3. Be Organized
4. Do a little every day
5. Set priorities
6. Don’t take on more than you can do
7. Know when you’re wasting time

If you follow these basic time management tips and improve your organizational skills, they become a habit over the rest of your life.

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Welcome to UW-Parkside’s Virtual EMS
VEMS (Virtual Event Management System) Allows students to submit online requests for facility reservations.

  • Go to vems.uwp.edu
  • At the site select My Account - Log In
  • Enter your User ID and VEMS Password, (obtain from Campus Activities & Engagement)
  • After you log in you w ill see toolbar dropdown menus Browse, Reservations, and My Account.


  • Browse Events - View events by day, week, or month.
  • Browse Facilities - View a list of rooms by building and by setup types/capacities. Use this information to determine which rooms would best accommodate your gathering.
  • Reservation Book - Look for available space at a particular date and time.

Requesting a Room
Click on Reservations and choose from the toolbar dropdown menu: You will be taken to a page with three tabs.

  • Info Tab - Lists instructions for booking. Complete required fields on the left side of screen.
  • Location Tab
    • Click the ( + ) next to the rooms you wish to add to the request.
    • Click on the room name for more information about room setup.
    • Click continue.
  • Details Tab
    • Complete required fields about event and customer details.

Note: Contact Reservations to update permanent contact information into the system so it will always appear in the dropdown box.

Bridge Window Instructions
From the Main Menu bar choose Reservations and click on Request Bridge Window.

Info Tab

  • Choose Monday of the week you want to reserve the window for a minimum of one week, but no more than three weeks in succession.
  • Select recurrence to select all the Mondays for the weeks you wish to reserve the window.
  • Leave time at default of 7:00am-12:00am.
  • Leave attendance set to “1”.
  • Select Window Painting as the Setup Type.
  • To see the windows available click the Find Space button.

Location Tab

  • The Availability column shows the number of days available/the number of days requested. If the numbers do not match, then the window is not available for all of the requested dates.
  • Click the (+) next to the window(s) you wish to reserve

Details Tab

  • Fill in the event and contact details.
  • Click on Submit.

Reservation Summary
The left side of the page list all of the options to edit the reservation.

From the Services column:

  • To request equipment or services click the ( + ).
  • Click the to change the event name, room, date, or time.

Log out

  • To log out of VEMS, click on My Account - Log Out


Bookmark the URL (vems.uwp.edu)

Book your org’s meeting space for the year

  • Meeting space is $0 cost to your org
  • Meeting space in the Student Center is $0 if room setup is not changed


  • Must be booked for the whole week, starting on Monday of your desired week
  • Time is 7am-12am (system default)
  • Charge is $4 per window, per week
  • Minimum of one (1) week; maximum of three (3) weeks in succession

Tables on the Bridge

  • Located under Student Center Room Request
  • Type: Vendor Exhibit
  • $0 cost to your org

Contact Information

  • Make sure your primary contact information is up-to-date
  • Designate a 2nd contact if possible
  • Call Reservations (x2458) to update contact information in the system
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