History of Ranger Bear 2

ranger bear history

History of Ranger Bear

I don't recall the details of what was a very traumatic event, but I remember enough to know that I'm one lucky cub! 50 years ago, a circus was traveling through Wisconsin on their way to Milwaukee. One of the attractions was a mother bear and her cub (me) riding a tandem bicycle. We were quite good and there was even talk of us being called up to Ringling Brothers. Oh, but a terrible thunderstorm blew in from the west. My mama and I became separated while the circus continued north. So I guess I began to roam around the neighborhood looking for food. Because I was raised in a circus, I had very few survival skills. I stumbled across Thompson's Orchard, which was filled to the brim with strawberries and apples! As I indulged in the plentiful food supply, I discovered they were building a brand-new university near my new orchard home! As you can imagine, there were a bunch of people looking for me. People with funny names like SPCA, PETA, and DNR. Anyway, a person spotted me enjoying some berries and shouted "Look at that little Ranger." I won't bore you with the details, but I was given a nice home in the orchard and when students started coming to UW-Parkside, I applied for the job of mascot. When they asked for my name, I had lost my circus performers union card in the storm, so I said, "Ranger Bear." The rest, as they say, is history. UW-Parkside has been my home for 50 years (I exercise and eat right) and the school even named the sports teams after me, The Rangers!

Ranger Bear and Officer

Interview with Ranger Bear

What is Ranger Bear's dream job?
If I wasn't at Parkside, I would probably like to become a bee keeper, because of all the honey I would get to eat. If that didn't work out, I would definitely want to become a Chicago Cub.

What are Ranger Bear's hobbies?
Well, when I'm not studying I like to hike in Petrifying Springs Park, golf with Chancellor Ford, and hang out in the Den.

What is Ranger Bear's favorite food?
For breakfast, I love eating Honey Nut Cheerios! For a snack, I enjoy honey and berries.

A celebrity that Ranger Bear would like to meet is...
Hmm...there are so many awesome bears I'd like to meet, it's hard to just choose one! I would definitely want to meet Yogi Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Ted.

Something people don't know about Ranger Bear is...
I actually don't get to hibernate like all the other bears do in winter. I'm still working on getting my degree so I take winterim courses. People also may not know that I'm an awesome hugger and I can break out my dance moves to any song.

What is Ranger Bear's next adventure?
I'm thinking of running the the next presidential election...Ranger Bear for America 2024!

What is Ranger Bear's goal in the next ten years?
First, I'm going to try to graduate from UW-Parkside finally. After that, I'm going to try to win "Best Bear in Wisconsin", so make sure to vote for me!

Ranger Bear Team


Request Ranger Bear

Want Ranger Bear to make a guest appearance at a meeting or event? Submit all requests to sirovatk@uwp.edu

Ranger Bear is a pretty popular bear around campus so he is subject to availability. Also, Momma Bear won't let Ranger Bear go anywhere without his handler.

Ranger Bear & Handler

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