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BS, Business Managment & MBA

Toni Hansen has been a leader in human resources strategy and career development for over 25 years. Her expertise in building high-performance teams, driving culture and nurturing talent has led her to her current role as Human Resources Director for HARIBO of America, the #1 gummi brand in the U.S.

As HR Director for HARIBO, Toni has led the organization through change and growth, engaging Associates every step of the way to ensure they feel heard and valued. Toni’s keen eye for organizational structure, development programs and new ways of working brings a fresh perspective to the business and allows for new opportunities to unlock the workforce’s potential. HARIBO has seen double-digit growth over the past five years, and Toni’s passion for people and helping them succeed is a direct contributor to those results.  

Prior to her time with HARIBO, Toni held leadership roles in the comsumer packaged goods industry at Fortune 500 companies like Nestle and Ocean Spray, where she transformed the human resources functions and built new processes, policies and frameworks for leading people to develop in their careers and deliver results. At Nestle, Toni was a key player in transforming its manufacturing facility in Burlington, Wis. into a high-performing work environment. Her strategic guidance helped lead the factory to win multiple “Best in the Nest” awards, including recognitions in Safety, People, and Supply strategies that led to breakthrough results.

Toni holds her bachelor’s degree and MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and is heavily involved in campus activities and partnerships to give back to the school. She was a key contributor in building HARIBO’s partnership with UW-Parkside to invest in today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce, and she leads HARIBO’s internship program to engage students from UW-Parkside and other local colleges and universities. Toni is passionate about uplifting and inspiring others, paying it forward and building inclusive environments where everyone has a seat at the table.

Toni is a Wisconsin native and lives in Kenosha with her husband, Jeff, and three daughters Stephanie, Riley and Kayley.

Toni Hansen
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