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BA, Sociology/Anthropology

Dr. Jacqueline M. Zalewski earned her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Sociology from UW-Parkside in 1995.  Dr. Zalewski’s academic experience at UW-Parkside was transformative in that Sociology faculty (Drs. Schutte, Schleiter, and Rosenberg) inspired her to complete four research-oriented projects while completing her bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  Through their passion for research, teaching, and learning, Sociology faculty at UW-Parkside helped Dr. Jacqueline Zalewski find a professional path that inspired her—teaching, learning, and research in higher education, yet was one she previously had not imagined.

After graduating from UW-Parkside, Dr. Jacqueline Zalewski then completed a Master of Arts (2000) and Doctor of Philosophy (2006) in Sociology at Loyola University Chicago (LUC).  While completing her Doctorate, she taught as an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University Northwest and received their Founder’s Day Teaching Award for Associate Faculty in 2004-2005.  For her doctorate research at LUC, Jacqueline focused on the growing contingencies workers experience in professional jobs.  She continues this research focus through the present day. 

Since 2007, Dr. Zalewski has been a faculty member in Sociology at West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCUPA).  She regularly teaches core courses in the Sociology program (Introduction to Sociology and Senior Seminar) and elective courses on the Sociology of Work, Sociology of Organizations, the Social Context of Substance Use, Urban Sociology, and—similar to her experience at UW-Parkside—she works with students on Independent Studies that explore their professional area of research interest.  She continues her research focus on contingencies in professional work and the growth of nonstandard employment. 

Dr. Zalewski has published one book—Working Lives and in-House Outsourcing: Chewed Up by Two Masters (2019)—and in collaboration in 2021 began a qualitative study of contractor socialization, or onboarding.  Dr. Zalewski also enjoys supporting and researching teaching in higher education.  In collaboration, she has researched teamwork pedagogy and has one article currently under review at Teaching Sociology.  Her teaching assignments have also been peer reviewed by the American Sociological Association and published in their teaching resources (2004 and 2020). Finally, Dr. Zalewski has published (2010, 2011, and 2017) and has been recognized for outstanding academic and career advisement both globally by NACADA (2018) and at WCUPA (2019).

Jacqueline Zalewski
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