SOLAR Self Service

Your SOLAR Self Service page is designed to provide you with information about admissions, financial aid, finances and registration.

As an applicant,  there are two components that you should check periodically: To Do Lists and Admissions Status. You can also update your mailing address using self-service, which will be required the first time you login. 

Student Contact Information

The first screen that you will see when you log into SOLAR for the first time will be the update Student Contact Information.  This screen will only appear once per term. 

Review this information for accuracy and make any necessary updates, and then select the Save / Continue button to move on.

student information

To Do List

Sometimes, applications are received but there is still additional information required before a decision can be made. These items include transcripts, test scores and application fees. You can find a list of any outstanding items in the right column in the section labeled To Do List.

This section also tracks financial aid and other documents required as a student, so make sure to review this section moving forward.

Checklist 3

Still have questions? Contact us for help:

Office of Admissions: | 262-595-2355
Technology Help Desk: | 262-595-2444

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