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Admission Requirements

Students who enter as new freshmen are considered for admission using a comprehensive review process. Academic preparation and academic success are of primary importance in the review process, although non-academic factors are considered. Applicants are encouraged to exceed the minimum credit requirements for admission.

To be considered for admission, freshman must:

  • Present evidence of graduation from a recognized high school or equivalent certificate.
  • Demonstrate successful completion of the following academic units (one unit equals one year of courses).  Requirements are shown below:


At least 3 credits of composition and/or literature

4 units


Algebra, geometry, advanced math

3 units

Natural / Social Science

At least one lab science

3 units

Additional Electives

From the above, foreign language*, fine arts, or computer science

4 units

*Foreign language is not required for admission; however, students may fulfill the UW-Parkside graduation requirement in foreign language by taking two years of the same foreign language in high school.

In addition to high school curriculum, academic factors include high school class rank, high school grade point average, trends in grades. Nonacademic factors may include but are not limited to community service, leadership experience, special talents and diversity in personal background and experience.

Students likely to be admitted will have:

  • Completed the minimum of 17 or more high school units
  • Rank in the upper 50th percentile of their high school class

When you are ready to apply,
our application page will walk you through the process.

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