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Audit A Class

A class audit is allowed on a space-available basis and only with the written approval of the instructor. Audit registration cannot be done on SOLAR, Audit a Class forms are available on the student form page.

Tuition and Fees for Course Audits
Any student taking a combination of audits and credits will be charged for all credits and audits at the credit rate.
Tuition for students who are audit-only:
  • Wisconsin Residents age 60 or older (as of first day of classes) the normal per-credit academic fee is waived.
  • Disabled Wisconsin residents receiving disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Income Program (SSI) Audit fees shall be removed. Official proof of benefits must be brought or mailed to the Cashier's Office by the first day of class.
  • Wisconsin Residents under age 60 are charged 30% of the normal per credit academic fee.
  • Minnesota Reciprocity students are charged 30% of the normal per-credit Minnesota Reciprocity Fee.
  • Nonresidents are charged 50% of the normal per credit academic fee.

All students are responsible for special costs such as class/lab fees.
Students are also responsible for parking fees.

Change From Audit to Credit
During the first week of a semester class, students may change any class from Audit to Credit. During the second week, students may change only with instructor permission. Beginning with the third week, a course may not be changed from Audit to Credit status. The Office of the Registrar will determine comparable deadlines for courses less than a semester in length or summer session courses.
Additional detail is available in the Academic Catalog. Choose Administrative, then Policies, then see section entitled Audit in Registration Policies.
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