Advance your job skills and enhance your credentials at work. Or explore a new field that interests you. The credit and noncredit certificate programs at Parkside offer varied ways to gain professional skills that will greatly benefit you in the workplace – and in life. Plus, many of our noncredit offerings are available online, for your convenience.


Credit Certificates
Certificates allow you to advance your skills in a discipline and can be a good way for you to explore a field of study. There are many options to choose from so check out all of the credit certificate programs we offer-sign up for one and up-skill your career today!

Leadership: Eliminate Stinking Thinking

Noncredit Certificates
You are working professional that needs to learn how to complete a task to make your job easier. You need flexibility in order to find time for training. Parkside has numerous noncredit certificates that are offered either online or during convenient times for working adults. Learn more about our noncredit certificate options and save time and money by increasing your efficiency.

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