Perspectives of 'Defunding' Police

Image of dice with words defund/defend
November 10, 2020
3:35 pm - 9 am

Perspectives of 'Defunding' Police
CRMJ/SOCA 235 Police & Society

In response to fatal encounters between police and black citizens activists have called to 'defund' police. But what  does this actually mean and what effect is it having on law enforcement?

Students will present their research on rhetoric surrounding the notion of 'defunding' the police and showcase insights from their interviews with activists and police officials. 

3:35-4:10 PM  
Students share insights from interviews with Pleasant Prairie police Chief David Smetana and activists Janet Serrano and Citlali Llitzin

4:15-4:50 PM
Students interviewed Milwaukee police Detective Waseem Yaghnam, Mt. Pleasant police officer Malcolm Kelly and sought out multiple perspectives from activists Shana Risby from Detroit and Tia Jordan from Chicago


Gia Gutierrez
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